Coronavirus Quarantine Life: DIY Tips To Clean Your Bike Or Scooter

Modified On Mar 23, 2020 By Praveen M. for Royal Enfield Classic 350

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These pointers can come in handy to take care of your trusted two-wheeler

The coronavirus pandemic has kept most of us under quarantine. One good way to be productive during this time would be by cleaning your two-wheeler properly. It is one of the simplest and most basic things a rider can do, which goes a long way in improving the two-wheeler’s longevity. Here are some tips you might find useful while cleaning your motorcycle or scooter:

Make sure your two-wheeler has cooled down:

The first thing one must ensure is that the two-wheeler’s engine, exhaust, and other mechanical components have cooled down. Otherwise, any soapy liquid will evaporate right off the metal, leaving a stain. More importantly, the rapid temperature change will also damage metal parts.

Rinse with water:

Ideally, one should have two buckets of water. One to mix with the detergent and the other to rinse off the soap. Put your two-wheeler on a centre stand and using a damp cloth (dipped in just water) gently wash off the two-wheeler’s bodywork. This will remove any superficial dirt and dust off the surface. Use the side stand only if your two-wheeler does not have a centre stand -- although it may not be as secure. 

If you have a hose, make sure the water pressure isn’t too high. Use a toothbrush to gently scrub off tougher stains. Be extra careful when cleaning sensitive components like switchgear or instrument cluster.

If you have an automotive-grade detergent, well and good. If not, regular detergent will also work, albeit in a relatively smaller quantity. Mix the detergent in a separate bucket of water, rinse a waste cloth, and wipe the surface gently. A separate piece of cloth is recommended for cleaning areas that aren’t painted. 

Now wash off the soap thoroughly with a damp cloth or with a pressurised hose. Then use a dry cloth to absorb the water on the surface of the vehicle. Leave the two-wheeler under a shade for a while so it can dry off completely. Avoid leaving it under the hot sun immediately after a wash as it might leave water spots on the bodywork. 

After it dries off completely, make sure all the electricals such as headlight, indicators, horn, brake/tail lamp, DRLs, instrument cluster, and horn are working properly. Stay tuned for more such DIY tips.

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