Mahindra Mojo Long Term Report 2: The Big Ride

Modified On Feb 29, 2016 By Abhishek Nigam for Mahindra MOJO XT 300

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So it was time to test the Mojo’s mettle as the D-Day had arrived. It was time for India Bike Week 2016 and I loaded the Mojo with a Viaterra Claw, which was packed to the brim. Tank filled, air pressure checked, the Mahindra was out of my garage at 4:30 am. First thing to notice was even with the saddle-bag behind, the Mojo’s dynamics seemed unaffected. The moment we hit the highways, the Mojo came into its comfort zone. Of course in the company of other 1000cc motorcycles the Mojo was bound to be far behind, but then I’d rather have comfort by my side on these long journeys than outright power.  

Smooth empty highways meant the bike was cruising effortlessly at 120 km/h. No wind protection meant speeds any higher would cause a headshake like a bobble head. Once we approached the Amboli ghats though, the Mojo’s weight and low slung stance limited its abilities. While the Pirelli Rosso tyres held on like leeches, the side stand and the exhaust start scraping the moment the lean angles start to get serious. Keep it in check and the Mojo will happily take the corners without any fuss.

Another bonus on the Mojo is the fuel tank and its range. With a 21 litre tank, the Mojo will do at least 500 km, but then to catch up to the other big bikes I did end up keeping the Mojo close to its limits. Even then the bike managed a very good 478 km before I had to tank up again.

With 1340 km on the tripmeter over 3 days, the Mojo is pretty much my favourite steed for long distance rides. Yes the brakes could be better and weight could be lesser but as a long distance mile muncher the Mojo is an ideal package. Next update will be about trying to fidget with the brakes so that the Mojo can stop better. Till then..Ciao!

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