8 Must Haves for Two Wheeler Owners

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India is a country that gives practicality a priority over comfort, ease of use, performance, build quality, etc. (A little elaboration what is practicality and how that makes India the biggest market for two-wheelers e.g. it is easy to drive on congested roads etc we need to tell the readers why two-wheelers are more practical in India) It is this prioritization of practicality over other factors that makes India one of the biggest market for two-wheeled machines, be it scooters or motorcycles. However, India is also home to varying weather conditions all year long. You never know when it starts raining all of a sudden while the sun is shining brightly over your head.

Two-wheeler owners in India face a variety of conditions. Apart from the regular problem related to weather and population, they also come across other challenges like rowdy fellow motorists, varying road conditions, roads that become a favourite haunt of animals. . Besides being one of the biggest markets for two-wheelers, India is home to a lot of thieves and thugs. So, keeping such conditions in mind, we have a list of most important things that any two-wheeler owner should invest in to continue enjoying their time on the saddle.

1. Helmet



Wait before you start blasting us for mentioning the obvious, We are not challenging your judgement over the choice of helmet. What we intend to say here is that while you know more about your taste and fit of helmet, there are various choices you can consider based on various factors. If you are the kind that likes to hit the racetrack every time you get a chance to, there is a different helmet meant for you than those you use for daily commute. Then, you can always invest in half-face, full-face and modular helmets (those miner, cyclist and hat-style helmets are not really helmets but your one-way guaranteed ticket to hell if anything unfortunate happens). So, invest in a good helmet to keep safe and enjoy your ride.
You can find yourself a stylish quality hemlet here .

2. Riding Gear

Now that we have talked about one obvious must-have item, let us talk about another must-have item (it can be broken into smaller pieces but comprises one unit when talked about). Riding gear should be considered as essential as the helmet. If the motorcycling community had its way, purchasing a bike would mean you own or have to purchase riding gear along with your two-wheeler. It is a necessary piece of equipment that you should not ignore. Riding gear not just saves you from scratches and other injuries when you take a tumble, it also protects you from weather, dirt, dust and makes you look cool too (seriously, take our word for it). You can either purchase the entire riding gear from one place or purchase different items from different places. Usually, you will be able to find riding jacket and pants as one unit and the rest can be found separately. Purchasing them all separately can also be an economical option for you. With that in mind, why don’t you start shopping for gloves here, riding jacket here, and knee caps here. Oh! Do not miss the balaclava that can be found here .

3. Lamps and reflectors

As much important as it is to keep yourself protected, it is equally necessary to be have proper road visibility at all times. A two-wheeler has a much smaller footprint than all motorized transport and coupled with the fact that street lights are not in place in many parts of the country so poor road visibility is a recipe for disaster for two-wheeler owners. Potholed roads can turn out to be the spoiler for your amazing ride In such a light, you can never underestimate the power of visibility, both for you and the fellow motorists. Two-wheeler makers have been gradually shifting to providing projector headlamps and LED tail lamps on their offerings, but it will take some time before every offering comes equipped with the same. For this reason, what you can do is invest in a good lighting solution which does not alter the looks of your bike. Also, adding reflectors to your motorcycle is also a good deal. Try some solutions here :

4. Saddlebags

Two-wheelers are not known to be particularly friendly to the guys who have to make run for the local grocery store every weekend. While scooters have still been able to resolve the hassles involved in shopping for household supplies, motorcycles have never been friendly for hauling stuff. This is what makes investing in saddlebags a prudent decision so that you do not have to get stuck in  a traffic jam every time you take your car and pay a visit to buy  some groceries and vegetables (and of course all other things storable). So, why don’t you go ahead and get a saddlebag for your motorcycle. Find one here .

5. Body Cover

Just as it is important for cars to stay covered, the same holds true for two-wheelers . In some cases, it may be more important than cars as two-wheelers carry almost the same components as cars in a much more compact package. This compact packaging makes it quite difficult clean the various parts of the two-wheeler. Hence, if the body is covered one can make sure that dirt will not reach to hard-to-access parts on your two-wheeled possession. Also, it would not require cleaning on a daily basis, saving you a lot of last-moment effort. So, why don’t you go ahead and get one here.

6. Tools

Ask any two-wheeler owner one major gripe they have with their purchase and they will tell you that one most common problem they face was that at some point of time they had faced lack of proper tools to solve the simplest of issues like tightening a loose nut/bolt. After all, nobody likes to pay a visit to the workshop every time anything goes loose or starts vibrating on their vehicle, be it a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler for that matter. So, why wait for a problem to strike and not to be prepared for it instead by getting a tool kit for your two-wheeler here you can yourself take care of such minor issues

7. Security systems

You may be wondering why we did not mention security systems higher up on this list. The problem with security systems is that they are the kind of after-market accessories that few people get right. However, Mahindra has been able to fit its two-wheelers with one, showing that work done right solves a lot of hassles in the long run. Since your two-wheeler can attract thieves, it is better to invest in a security system than to not have one at all. Shop for one here . and protect your two-wheeler from unwanted incidents.

8. Crash protection

Now this point may make you laugh as you may think when I am a good driver and can drive my bike safely whay invest in something like this but hear us out for once. Usually, the two-wheelers sold in India are the kind that can be repaired for minimal cost, however, the market has suddenly become more competitive and many repairs of many high-end offerings can be stress-inducing for a lot of folks. High-end bikes like Kawasaki Ninja 300, Yamaha R3, Benelli TNT300, etc. can really burn a hole in your pocket when it comes to replacement of parts and panels. This is what makes crash protectors important . They help your bike come away with scratches instead of broken parts every time you suffer an unfortunate tumble. Investment in frame sliders, bar ends, swingarm spools, etc. may seem to be of little use but it is a worthy investment
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