5 problems due to longer engine oil drain intervals

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Engine oils are life blood of engine, which needs to be changed as and when required. These service intervals are pre-determined by the manufacturers and are designed to offer maximum protection to the engine during various conditions. Oil circulates through the engine and performs critical function required to maintain the performance and enhances the life of the Bike. Today we have shortlisted top 5 problems, which may occur in your motorcycle due to longer engine oil drain interval. 

Reduces Bearing Life: The life of bearing can be reduced due to many factors, which includes dilution of fuels, coolant leaking, abrasive wear and corrosion. Increase in engine oil drain interval also increases the levels of abrasives and fuel in the oil, which can remove the bearing overlay and can damage the linings of the bearings. The bearing overlay promotes conformity in the early service without damaging the crank shaft. It also prevents harmful scoring and abrasion of both the shaft and the bearing. 

Increases the Damage: Manufacturer recommended engine oil intervals are conservative, which are designed to maximize the durability of the bike's engine. These intervals are intended to allow for a missed drain. For example, the normal drain of your motorcycle is 3000 kms, but you miss a drain and it occurs at 4000 kms, the oil can still provide protection. But if the drain is coming at 3000 kms and a missed drain occurs on 6000 kms, it may damage the engine. Normal drains offers enough time to ensure the durability of the engine.

Using the correct motorcycle oils and lubricants with your bike can make numerous positive changes, including better performance, protection and reliability. 

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Increases Ring wears and reduces engine power: When you extend the engine oil interval, there would be increase in oil contamination along with reduction in oil base reserve. With severe field testing, it was found that extending oil drainage from 3000 to 6000 kms was resulted in loss of power. 

Increases the chances of Camshaft failure: Changing standards towards the lower exhaust emissions can result in more fuel injection pressure and increases the stress on cam, as they both actuate the unit injectors. To address these changes, cam metals, surface finishes, hardness and profile has been improved. The soot overloading can result abrasive wear between the rocker shaft and rocker bearing, which can easily seize the rocker arm. The cam system plays an important role in engines. To work properly, the engine needs adequate lubrication with minimum debris and soot in the oil films. 

Increases metals in oil: Most of the times, metals in the oil increases with the increase in running. When you extend the oil drain interval by 100 percent, from 3000 to 6000 kms, metals in the oil also goes through rapid increase. This reduces the life of the bike's engine. Therefore, an engine oil needs to be changed during the interval assigned by the OEM.

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