5 Path Breaking Technologies in Motorcycle World that Promise an Easier & Safer Ride

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Riding a motorcycle in itself is a heart-soothing experience that takes biking enthusiasts to a whole new level of peace. In today’s world, where technology is dominating almost everything, the motorcycle manufacturers are regularly coming up with numerous useful and catchy innovations to ease the life of their buyers. Today, we bring you five such inventions that will make your motorcycling experience, even more refined and healthy.

Head Up Display:

A motorcycle head-up display is a simple device that is installed inside the helmet of the rider. As the name suggests, the head-up display enables the rider to see all the information clearly in front of his head, at the eye level. The biggest benefit of Head-up display is that the rider do not have to move his eyes off the road to take a glimpse of speed and other information in the instrument cluster of his bike. As moving the eyes from the road can lead to dangerous accidents and most of the accidents happen due to this, the head-up display proves quite beneficial in avoiding such hazards. Since it is interchangeable between helmets, the device comes as a single unit that basically consists of a computer and hardware. Earlier, the equipment used to come for full face helmets only, but nowadays it is available for half face helmets as well.

Hill Start Control:

BMW introduced this technology in the 2014 R1200RT and K1600GTL E. The mechanism proves helpful when you and your heavily loaded bike is on a slope. In such situations, it becomes hard for a rider to control a bike on such an inclined surface. And this is when the hill start control comes into play. The system can be actuated by firmly pressing the front brake lever, which in turn engages the rear brake of the bike. The rear brake calliper maintains a particular pressure on the disc, which puts the bike on a stationary position. The rider can now easily make the movement of his bike from standstill to forward motion. The rear brake automatically disengages when the power is fed through the clutch.

Life Vests for Riders:

These are really very beneficial for riders as they help in avoiding neck and spinal injuries to a lot extent. The life vests come with two air bags inside, which are connected to a small canister of CO2. The airbags protect the rider’s neck and spinal area by taking the blow and absorbing it in the case of an accident. If the crash does not damage the bags, then they can be packed again into a vest. The gas can be recharged again and can be used multiple times.

Heated Seats and Grips:

These elements help a lot in chilly riding conditions when the rider is craving for warmth in his surroundings. As the name suggests, heated seats and grips come with heated elements that keep the seats and handlebar grips warm and cozy. While some manufacturers offer these as standard, the rider can also opt for aftermarket setups for his use. The heating elements are fitted under the original grips and seat and draw power from the vehicle battery.

Bluetooth Communication System:

Bluetooth communication systems come with numerous benefits, the major one being able to talk to the pillion or fellow riders without a problem. Furthermore, if you have a Bluetooth enabled headset, then you can also enjoy the tracks while riding more effectively as you don’t have to worry about the wind that acts like a barrier in case of conventional earphones. Linking the device to your smartphone also helps in one-touch call handling that really proves a boon for riders on longer rides. The GPS voice commands can also be heard more clearly if you have a Bluetooth headset in stock.

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