TVS Radeon: Real-world Efficiency

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While the TVS Radeon comes with a claimed mileage figure of 69.3kmpl, you’ll be surprised at how much we got!

The TVS Radeon is designed to be a fuss-free commuter built to take you from point A to B sipping the least amount of fuel possible. This motorcycle comes with a claimed mileage of 69.3kmpl as per WMTC (World Motorcycle Test Conditions) cycle. The test condition replicates real-time riding as closely as possible. However, we wanted to see how it actually performs on our roads, so we took the motorcycle out for an efficiency run.

In the city, we kept the speeds under 50kmph, and it returned 66.29kmpl under normal throttle usage. That’s quite close to the WMTC claim! Out on the highway, we decided to keep the speed around 60kmph, and the efficiency dipped to 63.97kmpl. It’s not that bad considering the bike comes with a 4-speed transmission. 

Interestingly, TVS has equipped the Radeon with a nifty feature called an Econometer. Basically, there are two lights, Economy and Power, which light up appropriately as per the throttle usage and speed. Maintaining the throttle at about 10-15 per cent and keeping the speed under 55kmph keeps the Economy light on. Riding with a heavy throttle input or exceeding 55kmph lights up the Power mode.

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We did another fuel efficiency run just to see how much of a difference staying in Economy mode makes. The Radeon returned a whopping 116.29kmpl! We did two more efficiency runs just to double-check the numbers. It returned an equally impressive 112.96kmpl and 102.56kmpl respectively! It goes to show that the humble Econometer makes a world of difference in terms of riding style and also the efficiency. 

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However, there’s a caveat to such economical riding. WIth the Econometer turned on, the acceleration will have to be really gradual and speeds will have to be kept below 55kmph. This would be especially dangerous on the highway as the rider will be underspeeding. It also demands a lot of patience from the rider but if done right, the TVS Radeon rewards you with incredible fuel efficiency. That said, even riding with an aggressive throttle with speeds hovering around 70-80kmph returned 60kmpl! It speaks volumes about just how beautifully frugal that gem of an engine is!

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