Old vs New Bajaj Chetak: What’s Similar

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The old and new Chetak are as different as chalk and cheese but have a few hidden similarities. We list the 5 most obvious ones

[Update: Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter Launched In India]

Old VS New Bajaj Chetak: What’s Similar

Bajaj has unveiled a new electric scooter called the Chetak. Those born in the eighties might be familiar with the name. It was Bajaj’s best selling scooter before it got into motorcycles. Now that Chetak and this electric Chetak are as different as chalk and cheese. The original one came with a two-stroke and later four-stroke motor while the new one runs purely on electric power. However, the name isn't the only similarity shared by both scooters. The electric scooter has subtle design and mechanical elements that are reminiscent of the older Chetak. Here are the 5 most obvious ones. 

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Metal body:

Old VS New Bajaj Chetak: What’s Similar

The new Chetak is the only electric scooter in India that gets a metal body. However, it is not a lightweight aluminium bodywork but a steel one. The original Chetak’s too had steel bodywork for durability. A steel bodywork is more resistant to dents and is strong enough to double up as a structural frame. However, there is a reason electric scooters avoid using metal bodywork: the extra weight. 

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Swooping tail:

Old VS New Bajaj Chetak: What’s Similar

When seen from the side, the electric Chetak has a familiar bodywork, especially at the rear. The large rounded panels on either side of the seat are vaguely similar to the original Chetak. On the older Chetak, the right tail section hid the engine while the left had a lockable storage space. 


Round instrument console:

Old VS New Bajaj Chetak: What’s Similar

The very first models of the Chetak came with a simple analogue speedometer enclosed inside a chrome-ringed dial. Now the new electric Chetak gets a full digital instrument console. However, the readouts are housed inside a circular dial with a chrome ring around it.  


Single-sided suspension:

Old VS New Bajaj Chetak: What’s Similar

Like the original Chetak, the electric Chetak gets single-sided suspension on both wheels. One of the advantages of this setup was the ease of removal of the wheel in case of a puncture. However, the electric Chetak gets tubeless tyres. In case of a puncture, you can repair the tyres without removing them. So the suspension setup seems to be more of a homage to the original scooter. 


Apron storage bin:

Old VS New Bajaj Chetak: What’s Similar

The original Chetak came with a lockable storage bin under the handlebar. It was quite large as well and you could stuff a lot of items in there. The electric Chetak gets a lockable storage as well. Unlike the original though, this gets a sleeker, flush fitting unit and houses the battery charging cable and charging port. 

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