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Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R In Images

Modified On Jul 10, 2020 By Zaran Mody for Kawasaki Ninja 400

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[Update: Kawasaki has launched the Ninja ZX-25 in Indonesia. Know prices and more details here.]

It’s been a long time since we saw such a small-displacement motorcycle pack in this many cylinders, so we think it’s worth a closer look

The small-capacity sports bike segment is populated by singles and twins, but Kawasaki is looking to shake things up with its inline four-cylinder Ninja ZX-25R. The green team has revealed this mental new bike at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, and we’ve got our hands on some detailed images, so let’s dive in:

The ZX-25R gets Kawasaki’s new family design language that was kicked off with the Ninja 400. Not surprising then, that the ZX-25R looks a lot like the Ninja 400, with similar proportions too.

As you can see, the now-signature horizontal twin headlights look just like the ones on the Ninja 400 as well as various other models such as the ZX-6R, Versys 1000 and 2020 Ninja 650. We wish Kawasaki had given this bike its own identity since it is a distinctive model. The sharp, sleek-looking mirrors are mounted on the fairing and the front-turn indicators are also nestled into the fairing.

The tail section of the Ninja rises quite sharply, with a pronounced step up to the pillion seat. The tail-lamp sits flush with the rear bodywork and has been neatly integrated into the tail section.

The rider’s triangle is rather spacious and relaxed, with reasonably high handlebars and low-set footpegs. The seat height also seems quite comfortable and shouldn’t pose an issue to short riders. However, we won’t know for sure until we manage to get our hands on this bike—if that ever happens.

The rear three-quarter shot shows a remarkably slim engine, considering it is a transversely mounted inline-four. Also noteworthy is the rather large rear sprocket, which indicates a short final drive ratio. This should be offset by the high RPM limit of the inline four motor, resulting in neutral overall gearing.

On the other side, we can see the stubby underbelly exhaust exit. Besides giving the bike a sleek look, this design will also help with mass centralisation.

Nestled within the fairing, we can see a ridiculously large radiator, unlike anything seen anywhere else in this segment. In fact, it is more befitting a 600cc motorcycle than this little 250cc Ninja. The severe cooling requirements of a high-revving inline-four motor will have necessitated this. Below the radiator, we can see three of the four interlinked exhaust headers.

A major highlight on the ZX-25R is the premium underpinnings that the little Ninja receives. Chief among these is the SFF-BP separate function upside-down front fork seen here. This unit is similar to that seen on the larger ZX-6R model and is likely to be from Showa.

The sophistication continues with the front brakes. We can see a large front disc (likely 320mm) being bitten on by a 4-piston radially mounted monoblock caliper. The brake lines, though, seem to be rubber and not metal-braided. 

Braking duties at the rear are handled by a Nissin single-piston caliper, and the presence of a wheel-speed sensor ring at either end indicates dual-channel ABS.

Another segment-first is the presence of a quickshifter on the ZX-25R. This is also accompanied by other rider aids such as traction control and power modes. Taking these factors into consideration, we believe the ZX-25R will be equipped with a fully digital instrument that should also feature Bluetooth connectivity. Also visible here is the underbelly catalytic converter.

The 25R rolls on 17-inch alloy wheels at either end, wrapped in Dunlop Sportmax rubber.


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