Soaring Fuel Prices See Okinawa Electric Scooters Clock Record Sales

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The Okinawa Praise Pro and Lite e-scooters top the charts 

As fuel prices inch closer to three-digit numbers in India, EVs seem to be getting more visibility thanks to their low-running costs as compared to petrol-powered vehicles. One of the many electric two-wheeler brands benefitting from this situation is Okinawa Autotech

Okinawa currently offers six electric scooters in the price range of Rs 58,992 to Rs 1,08,720. The lineup includes three high-speed lithium-ion powered scooters: I-Praise Plus, Praise Pro and the Ridge as well as three low-speed lithium-ion scooters:  Lite, R30 and Dual

Of the above-mentioned models, Okinawa claims the Praise Pro and the Lite e-scooters bring in the maximum sales for the brand. 

The Okinawa Praise Pro houses a 1000W BLDC motor with a 2.0kWh lithium-ion battery. It offers 2,500W of peak power and 88km of maximum range. The more affordable Okinawa Lite e-scooter packs a 250W BLDC motor with a 1.25kWh detachable lithium-ion battery. It has a peak power of 250Q and a maximum range of 60km. 

The Praise Pro e-scooter is priced at Rs 79,277 while the Okinawa Lite retails at Rs 63,990. Moreover, the brand is set to launch its Okinawa Oki100 e-motorcycle and the Okinawa Cruiser maxi-styled e-scooter. 

If you are looking to make the switch to electric mobility, you might want to check out these options in the two-wheeler space. 

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