This American E-bike Could Be A Merc S-Class On Two Wheels

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The Civilized Cycles Model 1 is among the most radical e-bikes we’ve seen yet

  • The Model 1 uses a 1.5kW mid-drive motor that delivers a top speed of around 25kmph.
  • Gets carbon fibre finished hard case panniers. 
  • Offers a maximum range of 80km. 

New York-based Civilized Cycles has unveiled its latest electric cycle, the Model 1, and calling it feature rich would be an understatement.

Touted as an e-bike, the Civilized Cycles Model 1 not only offers the practicality of moving people from point A to B but also the promise to do so with a lot of comfort. Its swept-back handlebar and the upright posture paired with the deep step-through frame resemble those old-school cycles. Except, this one has a battery, head and tail lights, hard case panniers, and the highlight: self-levelling suspension. 

Elaborating more on the self-levelling suspension, with its sensor and touchscreen control system, the rear spring adjusts as per the weight onboard. The rear spring hardens and softens to suit the overall weight on the cycle. 

Cut The Chase

Apart from the obvious pedal power, the Model 1 gets a 1.5kW mid-drive motor with a top speed of around 25kmph and a maximum range of 80km. Moreover, the headlight is self-dimming (lowers the high beam when an oncoming vehicle is detected). Quite courteous, no? 

The carbon fibre panniers on each side offer enough space to fit in all your grocery with a bit more to spare.

The Model 1 gets a 32mm Manitou front fork and disc brakes at both ends with ABS as an optional upgrade. The small vertical touchscreen console is also compatible with the optional GPS theft-tracking and PIN code locking system. Dual USB charging ports are standard. 

As an introductory offer, Civilized Cycles has priced the Model 1 at $ 4,499 (approximately Rs 3.28 lakh). Later on, the prices will be bumped up as high as $5,499 (Rs 4.01 lakh). Given the high asking price, the Model 1 won’t make sense for the Indian market--although if you are looking for an e-bike check out the EMotorad range that we reviewed earlier this year.

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