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Published On Feb 13, 2020 By Alpesh Rajpurohit for Hero Electric AE-3

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Take a closer look at the most unusual scooter from this year’s Auto Expo

There were plenty of electric two-wheelers at this year’s expo (ahem, most of them were eerily similar to each other) but what stood apart was the Hero AE-3. We don’t know what ‘AE’ stands for, but we do know what ‘3’ does -- and that’s three wheels. Yes, it’s an all-electric, three-wheeled scooter and here’s a closer look at it. 

The AE-3 is Hero Electric’s first three-wheeled electric scooter and we must say, it will turn heads wherever you go. However, we aren’t too sure about this particular shade of green. 

The front end is dominated by a big LED headlamp and an equally big windscreen.

What’s an electric two-wheeler without a big digital instrument console? 

There’s a hook at the front and a nifty USB port. 

The fit and finish levels on the AE-3 shown at the expo seemed satisfactory. However, we’ll have to reserve our judgment until we see the final production version of this three-wheeler.

The Hero Electric AE-3 e-trike is capable of balancing at standstill with the help of the gyroscope-enabled auto-balance park switch. It comes with a sophisticated twin telescopic fork front suspension and a twin gas-charged suspension setup at the rear.

The front wheels come with disc brakes while the rear is equipped with a petal disc. 

It uses a 5.5W motor connected to a 4kWh lithium-ion battery pack. The e-trike offers a claimed range of 100km and a top speed of 80kmph. The company says it will take five hours to charge completely. 



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