Bajaj Chetak: Which Colour To Buy

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With 6 colour options across 2 variants, which is the best fit for you?

The big news this week is the launch of the Bajaj Chetak, and though only two colour options were on display at the launch event, a total of six choices are being offered across two variants. This means a whole lot more possibilities than its biggest competitor, the Ather 450, which is only available in white. So let’s dive in and take a closer look at each one.

Citrus Rush

This is probably the most eye-catching of all the options offered on the Chetak. So, if you want to make a strong statement without having to say a word, this is definitely the one for you. It’s available only on the Urbane variant, though, so you’ll have to settle for drum brakes at both ends. 

Though it does look fluorescent and almost radioactive in the renderings, the shade is more of a canary yellow in the real world. Not entirely coincidentally, it’s also quite similar to the yellow option offered on -- yep, you guessed it -- the Vespa range of scooters.

Cyber White

The only other option available for, and exclusive to, the Urbane variant is this Cyber White scheme, which is on the opposite end of the flashy spectrum. It’s a rather sober and unexciting paint job, perfect if you just want to fit in without attracting any attention to yourself.

The excellent proportions and curvy, handsome design of the scooter mean that even a colour as un-special as white can be pulled off without looking boring on the Chetak.

Brooklyn Black

To help maintain duality, Bajaj is also offering a black colour option. This was also on display at the launch event and is exclusive to the Premium variant, as are the next three colours on this list.

Black isn’t a colour that’s very commonly bought by scooter buyers in India, so this shade is also for those who’d like to stand out from the crowd a tad without being too bright and in-your-face.

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This option offers an understated but elegant beige scheme that’s suitable for buyers more advanced in years. When not executed well, this shade can make your scooter look like a prosthetic limb, but Bajaj seems to have pulled it off. This colour brings out the scooter’s attractive curves, at least on the basis of the CAD renderings Bajaj has released.

Indigo Metallic

The Chetak looks extremely smart in this shade of blue, with the paint contrasting very well with the chrome garnish on various parts of the scooter. It also goes quite well with the black wheels and is one of our favourite choices on the brochure.

Velutto Rosso

Everything sounds better in Italian and everything looks better in red. This is my personal favourite colour option offered on the Chetak -- distinctive but not flashy. It also makes the Chetak look quite racy. The red and black combo means the scooter looks fast even when standing still.

We must caution you, though. The two colours shown at the event look drastically different in person than they do in the renderings. So, it would be a good idea to head to your nearest ProBiking dealership and check out the Chetak in person to see which colour you like best. For more electric news, check out this page.

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