Should the Most Suitable Motorcycle for India be the Cheapest One?

Modified On May 10, 2018 By Sachin Sen

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Which one could it be? Logically, people like myself may not like the answer because logic would disregard all motorcycles interesting! It would probably be a Splendor or the likes or anything that sits the rider upright and everything about it is cheap enough – cheap spares, cheap service, cheap accessories (what is that!), cheap etc etc. Not to mention that it runs at least 70 kilometers per liter, can be ridden probably anywhere and runs on low quality fuel too.

But humans, as we are, are not logical which makes life itself illogical, at times! Neither do we see everything with logic, where’s the fun in that? but I’m going to choose something that has soul and character, words that make things argumentative and debatable. I’m going to choose something that makes me enjoy less than perfect roads and not want me to think about that it’s cheap or easy to repair. If a motorcycle can make me forget bad roads, doesn’t that makes it the most suitable motorcycle for India? And for one, let’s keep the purchasing power and “kmpl” out of this discussion.

I have a certain inclination towards fast motorcycles with big engines. Motorcycles that aren’t utility tools, but those that are meant to enjoy riding and make your otherwise typical journey worthwhile. Take a certain motorcycle for example. It has a standard styling with very less body parts to break, has a single long seat that sits the rider and the pillion upright and comfortably enough. It has an air-cooled, torquey, 803cc V-twin engine with not so high maintenance and has a great ground clearance which is plenty enough to take on our roads and many speed-breakers.

We are talking about the Scrambler from Ducati. One of their latest motorcycles and one of the best in their stable as well. Interestingly, it is a very practical motorcycle indeed for all the reasons mentioned above and of course, has an iconic name on its fuel tank. The Scrambler looks like it can handle bad roads good enough and to an extent, some off-roading as well. The seating is comfortable for two and it shall make a decent tourer as well. Only thing is that it has no wind protection. But that is still ok.

It’s a wonderful choice for anyone who can buy it and interested in such a motorcycle. It’s the cheapest from Ducati and that makes it the most approachable motorcycle from the Italian manufacturer. I guess I need to get one.

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