6 Motorcycle Trips you Should Take Once in your Lifetime

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It is rightly said “Journey of Thousand Miles Begins with a single step”. The endless road signals the rider to go on a journey of exploration and self-discovery. It is just as exciting as it sounds, the bikers go out to unleash the inner adventure and the experience of exploring new corners across the world on a bike and this feeling cannot be replaced. Indulging in a motorbike tour is amongst the most adventurous way of exploring new destinations.
No matter whether you are up for the snowy peaks of the Himalayas or the most deserted places in Rajasthan, these motorcycles trips are rapidly gaining popularity. Today, we have listed some of the most adventurous motorcycles touring places of India.

1. Get amazed with Delhi-Leh Trip:

This trip is amongst the most adventurous motorcycle tours and also happens to be one of the most difficult road trips, one can take. The trip starts from the capital city, Delhi and ends at one of the highest places across the globe, Leh. This entire trip takes around two weeks to be completed. The trip returns the pleasure of urban jungle of Delhi and the uncertain terrains of Leh and does complete justice to adventurous mountain biking.

The trip starts from NH1 and in around 7 hours you reach Chandigarh. Till Chandigarh, the trip does not offer much mountain biking experience, but when you move towards Manali, you start getting the real pleasure of the trip. On the way from Manali to Leh, you will understand why it is termed as the most difficult trip and also a heavenly experience for biking tour enthusiasts. The roads here are completely unpredictable, even the most experienced riders face problem while riding on this region. Generally, it takes somewhere around 7 days to reach Leh from Manali, but the time may vary depending on the weather conditions. While going towards the destination, one has to pass through highest motorable pass across the globe; the Khardung La pass, which is the most difficult part of this whole journey.

2. The Smoky Landscapes of North East:

When the engine sound reaches the North East Hilly regions, the smoky landscape welcomes every part of the rider with wide open arms. A bike tour to the hilly regions of North East India is amongst the most beautiful places to go on a bike ride. The slopy hills with narrow passes and the snowy mountains along with the dense green forests are nothing less than a temptation for the riders.

The region comprises of seven states, which are popularly known as ‘Seven Sisters’ of India. During the trip, most the time, you will come across the rough and hilly passes and once you reach Assam, you will see the valleys of Great Brahmaputra, the largest river island in the world; Majuli, the endless tea plantation rows and single-horned Rhinos, which is a treat to watch. Once you cross the hilly regions of Assam, the trip will take you to Meghalaya, also known as ‘Abode of Clouds’. Meghalaya shows the beauty of hills and mountains. During this part of the trip, you will come across the cleanest villages in India, the living root bridge and most importantly, the most alluring waterfalls, which you see in movies.

The next phase of the journey will take you to Nagaland and ends in Arunachal Pradesh. In Nagaland, you will ride through the dense forests and hilly regions. The snow covered roads, swinging bridges, Indo-China borders are some of the things that make this trip an experience of a lifetime. The complete journey of North India takes around 18 days.

3. A Ride to the Majestic Himalayas:

This one is definitely not a child’s play. This 1700 kms journey starts from Leh and ends at Kargil. During the journey, you will witness the rocky mountains that are covered with snow and the dropping temperature level will the make the trip exhilarating. You will ride through the extreme Zanskar and the Pensi La Pass, which are located at 4,400 m above sea level.

From Zanskar valley, the trip will take you to the Ladakh. The beautiful Spiti Valley, the natural beauty of the Himalayas, the rocky narrow passes and the icy cold water of Sutlej will definitely make this journey worthwhile. The complete journey takes around 15 days, depending on the weather conditions.

4. The Desert Dreams of Rajasthan:

India truly goes well with its identity “Unity in Diversity”, the country where you do not just find cold temperatures, but also some of the hottest places. What else can one ask for in a motorcycle trip?

A trip towards the Royal Deserts of Rajasthan on Motorcycle is worth going on. The trip brings you the vast mirages in dry deserts of Rajasthan, which is surely a delight for the sight. But, it is not as easy as it sounds, it takes real efforts riding through the vast deserts of Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Ranthambore.

The trip will bring you the art and culture of Rajasthan along with the relive moments of Arabian Nights.

5. Admire the Coastlines of Goa:

Biking is Goa is surely a perfect blend of adventure and peace. The trip promises adventure of mountain biking along with that of coastal biking. Starting from the vibrant beaches of Goa, the trip will make you pass through narrow roads across the stunning hills of Coorg and will end on the southern part of India.

During the trip, you will witness the beautiful coffee plantations followed by the wildlife in the dense forest of South India. Once you cross Coorg, this adventure trip becomes more striking in the Deccan Plateau and will further take you to Mysore. After some time in Mysore, bikes will march again towards colourful sights of Goa. Goa is a state where the vastness of sea mixes with the culture of Portugal and your time there becomes a colourful party. The Journey covers 2000kms and takes around 15 days.

6. Get lost in the beauty of Mountains:

Going on a motorcycle trip around the great Mt. Everest is a dream for every rider. Every mountain biker will love this trip. The narrow and curvy roads of Darjeeling with tall pine trees on both sides of the road goes through Kathmandu and Bhutan. This 19000 kms journey is filled with thrill and excitement of narrow and sharp turns between the mountains.

The entire journey starting from Darjeeling and continues through Bhutan, Nepal and Sikkim. This 17 days long journey bestows you with amazing natural beauty, exotic varieties of wildlife and the lifelong memories.

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