Bajaj Discover 110: First Ride Review

Published On Feb 2, 2018 By Nabeel Khan for Bajaj Discover 110

The new Discover 110 looks to trade the experiments of the old one for experience and learning. Does it manage to deliver?

Bajaj has always managed to merge aspiration with affordability. Be it the Pulsar range with its wheelies, the V with is patriotism -- or the bike in question today, the Discover with its funk. Pick any category south of the 150cc segment and the Discover has been there. But that's also been one of its problems. That’s because the company ended up offering a wave of Discovers with different engine displacements, configurations and mechanical components. We had the 1st generation Discover 125, then the 135, the 150s and even the 100s.

Now though, 15 years after its inception, Bajaj has cut it down to just two models: the first being the Discover 125 and the second being the one we just rode, the Discover 110. So, in this equation of costs and wants, does the new Discover 110 deliver on practicality without hindering its aspirational value?


Look at the Discover 110 head-on and you will realise that it is a modern bike. Though the oval headlight takes you back to the very first model, there are elements like the well integrated C-shaped LED DRLs and the sporty black cowl that add a bit of flair.

Move to the side and the resemblance to the first generation model shows again. This is because research showed Bajaj that it’s the earlier design that is appreciated more by people even today. However, to give it a modern-day touch, Bajaj has offered a new set of graphics, restyled side panels finished in grey and a mildly restyled tail section. Overall, it looks quintensisselly a Discover, with subtle changes that give it a fresh flavor. The diamond-shaped alloy wheels finished in black are new here and add a bit of premiumness to the overall design as they are derived from the bigger 125cc Discover.

Overall, the fit and finish levels are commendable. The Discover 110 looks smart and while it may not be a head-turner, it does enough in the style department to carry some much needed flair.


As stated above, the Discover gets LED DRLs integrated into the headlamp. Apart from that the bike aso gets a semi-digital instrument cluster with an analogue tachometer accompanied by a digital speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge and trip meter, all clearly legible. Telltale lights sit to the right of the digital display and are well laid out.


Coming to the switchgear, the quality is at par with others in the segment. On the right handlebar you will find a headlight switch, a rare sight these days, and which lets you switch off the headlight while the LED DRLs act as AHO.

Engine And Performance

The engine on the Discover 110 is actually a 115cc motor. It's a derivative of the long stroke 125cc motor from the V12, with a smaller bore. Being a long stroke motor there is good amount of low-end torque, 9.81Nm to be precise, which is also the highest in the segment. That said, torque is generated at just 5000rpm. In real life conditions this translates into the Discover 110 feeling quite lively, up to 6000rpm. Post that though, it seems to run out of steam. The Discover 110 can easily cruise around at 65kmph but post that it starts feeling uncomfortable. So it doesn’t come around as potent mile muncher. 

Low-end torque also offers immense tractability to the Discover 110. As a result, majority of the commute can be done in 3rd and 4th gear as the bikes picks up from 2000rpm rather comfortability. Even with a pillion onboard, the Discover’s engine doesn’t feels stressed and can tread along comfortably in stop-go traffic. Add to that the peace of mind you get from the slick shifting 4-speed gearbox. 

Efficiency claimed by Bajaj is 76.3kmpl, though we will confirm that after our comprehensive road test.

Refinement levels are also impressive as there are barely any vibrations from the motor till you hit the 600rpm mark. However, if you plan to push the bike beyond that, they will start creeping in from the handlebar, the foot pegs and then onto the seat.

Power offered from the 2-valve engine is 8.6PS, produced at 7000rpm. So, if you still plan to push the bike, it can rev up to the 7500rpm mark with a speed of around 80kmph on the speedometer.

Ride And Comfort

The Discover 110 targets an audience for whom comfort and space play key roles. To tackle these two things specifically, the bike has been given a long seat the can comfortably seat two average-sized riders. The seat is a bit too soft for our liking though. While it will prove to be comfortable for city commutes, it’s not the most comfortable place to be on for long highway stints. The Discover 110 also gets the longest wheelbase in the segment, at 1305mm. This is because it shares its chassis with the Discover 125. The long wheelbase also adds to the stability of the bike and, as a result, it feels sure-footed at high speeds despite weighing just 117.5kg.

Moving on to the suspension, the Discover boasts new telescopic front forks with 140mm of travel. The rear gets gas-charged 120mm twin shocks. Ride over a broken patch and the shocks filter out almost all the harshness from the ride. The suspension is slightly soft, but not so much to unsettle the bike over bumpy roads. Even with a pillion the ride remains plush and comfortable. 

The Discover 110 does not get disc brakes. The 130mm front and the 110mm rear drum brakes let you shed speed when used together, but they’re are not what we would call confidence-inspiring. The front especially lacks both feel and feedback and should rather be used as a complement to the rear. Bajaj says that they can add a disc if there is a demand for it, so let's hope we get a variant with one soon. 


The Discover 110 is another attempt from Bajaj to get a piece of the rural or tier 2 and 3 markets. And for that, it is well equipped. A torquey motor suited for daily commutes, supple ride for broken roads and a comfortable seat make it a strong challenger. Add to this a big number on the mileage front and the Discover ticks all the right boxes. 

With all of these going in its favour, the Discover 110 sure comes out as a modern and capable motorcycle, balancing aspirations with practicality. This is all the more significant considering its price tag of Rs 50,176 (ex-showroom Delhi), which undercuts all of its competition by thousands of rupees.

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