Ather 450X vs Simple Energy Mark 2: Claimed Performance Numbers Compared

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Could the Mark 2 be the next benchmark in the electric scooter segment? 

  • Simple Energy is a Bengaluru-based EV startup.
  • Mark 2 will have 79-85 percent of its components localised with no inputs from China. 
  • Brand claims to address issues like range, price and convenience with the scooter.
  • Expected to launch in 2021.

Bengaluru has grown to become the electric hub of India with budding startups offering promising solutions for the EV market. Ather Energy is one such company that took the electric scooter segment by storm with the Ather 450 and its improved version, the 450X. But the brand may soon face some stiff competition from another Bengaluru-based startup, Simple Energy. Its very first scooter the ‘Mark 2’ boasts of some mind-boggling performance numbers on paper. It offers a claimed range of 260km (Eco) and a top speed of 100kmph! Here’s how the upcoming scooter stacks up against the Ather 450X.



Simple Energy Mark 2

Ather 450X


Peak Power




Max Torque




Claimed top speed



Claimed Range


3.6 seconds (0-50kmph)

3.3 seconds (0-40kmph)














Usable capacity

4.2 kWh

2.6 kWh


Charging time: Home Charger 0-80%

40 minutes

3 hours 35 minutes



1 hour 05 minutes

5 hours 45 minutes


Public fast charger 0-50%

20 minutes

1.45 km/min

Too good to be true, eh? We have our qualms as well, especially for a company that was incorporated as recently as January 2019. But let’s not dismiss the company just yet. Also, if Simple Energy manages to pull this off, we may have a 450X killer at hand. 

Oh, and did I mention the Mark 2 will also have smart features such as Bluetooth and Internet connectivity? Essentially, we could expect a full-digital instrument console -- possibly a touchscreen display, mobile phone integration, maps, calls, messages, music and OTA updates. A wholesome package then. From the exterior, the Mark 2 comes furnished with LED lights all around, a telescopic fork, a monoshock and chunky tyres.


Simple Energy Mark 2

Ather 450X


Around Rs 1.1 lakh

Rs 1.59 lakh

What’s also a bit shocking is the price tag. An expected price of Rs 1.1 lakh for the Mark 2 will undercut the 450X by a huge margin while offering a lot more. Simple Energy's strategy involves reaching a production capacity of 50,000 units by the end of July 2021. It will also set up experience centres just like Ather Energy and join hands with dealer partners and online e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart to target millennials, specifically college students and those employed in the IT sector. 

Following the Mark 2, Simple Energy intends to introduce a lower-spec e-scooter with fewer features to target tier 2 and 3 cities. Interestingly, it's future plans also include a mid-range electric motorcycle and a long-range electric car.



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