22Kymco iFlow Ionex Battery Tech Explained

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Wondering what the hype is all about? We delve into the details to help you better understand the technology

Kymco is the largest scooter manufacturer in Taiwan and the fifth largest in the world. The company recently tied up with 22Motors to enter the Indian market under the alias 22Kymco. In a bid to solve "range anxiety", a problem that plagues all electric vehicles, at least in India, the two-wheeler manufacturer is currently working towards standardising removable lithium-ion batteries. These portable batteries can be used by other brands too, case in point 22Motors. In fact, Kymco's very own e-scooter on sale in international markets, the Like EV, is powered by the same portable Ionex batteries. Here’s what it’s all about.

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No More Range Anxiety: 

It’s a known fact that everyone looking to switch to a greener mode of transport are put off by extended charge times and lack of a good range. In order to completely eliminate the downtime faced during charging batteries, Kymco has come up with a unique solution, known as Ionex Energy Stations. The brand intends to create a complete network of these energy stations placed at convenient locations throughout India.

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Essentially, Kymco’s energy stations act as fuel pumps for your EVs. These stations consist of a wall of swappable Ionex battery packs. You could visit any one of these stations and swap your drained battery for a fresh fully charged one if you’re running low on juice. One could also charge their drained batteries within an hour by just popping them into any of the available charging bays. Having two such batteries on your scooter at a time essentially doubles the range of the scooter. The iFlow which can use up to two Ionex batteries at a time.


There Is A Catch Though:

You see, the service isn’t free of charge. The Ionex batteries available on the iFlow have to be leased on a monthly basis for Rs 500 per battery - we suggest you go for two for an optimum range. Then there’s a service charge of Rs 50 every time you swap a drained battery for a fully charged one. In essence, you’d be looking at a monthly cost of Rs 500 - Rs 1,000 for the batteries, plus the service fee if you swap or charge them and your monthly electricity charges if you charge them at home. Charging the batteries at home or work via the conventional charger will save you money, but eat into your time. 

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All said and done, Kymco’s smart energy solution could possibly put range anxiety to rest once and for all. Will it work in a country like ours? Well, only time will tell. 

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