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Weird Flex: A 250cc Street Triple That Isn't Even A Triple

Modified On May 24, 2020 By Gaurav Sadanand

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This in fact is a Chinese rip-off of a Triumph Street Triple, courtesy Benda Motor 

  • The bike’s on sale on a Chinese website equivalent to Indiamart.
  • The bike packs a 250cc motor with 24.4PS of power.

Here’s some good news for those (like us) who’ve always dreamt of owning a Triumph Street Triple but couldn’t because of budget constraints. You could possibly own one now, but there’s a catch… and it's a big one. The Street Triple we’re talking about is built in China, and to be honest, it isn’t even a triple. It’s, in fact, a poor representation of one. But the bottom line is it should hopefully get you from A to B and fool people into thinking you own a Triumph. Well, at least those who aren’t well versed with bikes.

The Street Triple err... Benda BD250GS features the same bug-eyed headlamp as the Triumph, a similar chassis, fuel tank and an upswept exhaust that’s reminiscent of the Speed Triple. Or maybe it’s a Speed Triple rip off. You tell us? But what we do know is it’s powered by a 250cc motor that’s probably a single with air-cooling and makes 24.4PS of power. 

It features a twin-spar-ish frame with upside down forks and a monoshock that’s likely to be adjustable. Braking comes in the form of twin discs upfront and a single disc at the rear. It’s 17-inch wheels come wrapped in 110/70-section up front and  140/70-section rear tyres. The entire package weighs in at 160kg kerb which puts it on par with the KTM Dukes. 


Unfortunately, that’s all there is to know about this strange little motorcycle. What do you guys think? Does it justify the British design? Let us know in the comment action below.

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