Voge ER 10 Electric Bike Unveiled At EICMA

Modified On Nov 12, 2019 By Zaran Mody

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Could this be a replacement for a 250cc petrol-powered motorcycle?

Voge had a number of petrol-powered motorcycles at its EICMA stall this year but the one that grabbed all the attention was its ER 10 electric bike. With an electric motor that puts out a peak power figure of 18.8hp on a bike that weighs just 115kg, the ER 10 provides some much-needed middle ground between high-performance electrics from the likes of Zero and Energica, and smaller e-bikes designed purely for urban commuting.

With this middle-of-the-road performance, the ER 10 could prove to be a worthy replacement for a 250cc petrol-powered motorcycle. Its 4.2kWh battery pack allows it to manage 100km on a full charge in real-world conditions and Voge claims that it can go over 120km at 30kmph. This should be more than adequate for most people's daily commute, and with the ER 10's top speed of 100kmph, that commute can be quite sprightly as well. Once could also contemplate taking this bike out onto the highway, albeit in short stints.

In terms of design, Voge has given the ER 10 a streetfighter-like appearance with a tall and wide handlebar. The long overhanging seat section looks quite neat, as does the long swingarm. Interestingly, despite the long and spacious rider's seat, the ER 10 doesn't get any space for a pillion. Not much else is known about the motorcycle but it does appear to get digital instrumentation. Underpinnings consist of an upside-down front fork and rear monoshock, with a single petal disc handling braking at either end.

Source: Electrek

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