Six fastest MotoGP Riders Ever

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When it comes to MotoGP, the riders who participate in the same are not the ordinary ones. These riders have exceptional skills that are evolved through years of dedication and hard work. These riders are so much trained that they awaken the senses of the spectators in an effective manner. Here is a list of such riders who are claimed as the fastest MotoGP riders ever.

6) Jorge Lorenzo:

Jorge Lorenzo

The Spanish rider, Jorge Lorenzo rides for Yamaha and is at the sixth position in the list of fastest MotoGP riders. The 28 year old Lorenzo has the World Champion title for the 2006 and 2007. The record of Lorenzo for MotoGP is also impressive as he holds the title for the year 2010 and 2012. Jorge Lorenzo has 23 fastest lap record for MotoGP and is among also the most famous MotoGP riders across the globe.

5) Marc Marquez:

Marc Marquez

Often referred as the next Valentino Rossi, Marc Marquez is the next rider in the list of fastest MotoGP rides. Marc is also a Spanish rider and currently rides for Honda. Marc is also the current MotoGP World Champion and the youngest one to win this title in the first season. Marc has 29 lap records in his pool. In addition to this, Marc is the first rider to win three distinct titles in the shortest time period.

4) Michael Doohan:

Michael Doohan

Michael Doohan is not only the fastest riders in the history of MotoGP but, also one of the daring riders across the globe. This Australian rider is also referred as Mick and used to ride for team Honda. Mick has won five 500cc championships in a consecutive manner and that too after recovering from a severe injury. Michael has 47 fastest laps in his record and also the only MotoGP rider to win the Australian motorcycle Grand Prix in TT format.

3) Giacomo Agostini:

Giacomo Agostini

The Italian rider Giacomo Agostini is the living legend in the history of MotoGP who is the multi-time World Championship. Agostini has won 7 350cc titles and 8 500cc titles, which is not repeated by any other Italian rider yet. With 117 fastest laps in his pool, Giacomo Agostini is at the third position in the list of fastest MotoGP rider ever.

2) Casey Stoner:

Casey Stoner

Casey is one of its kinds and possesses superior abilities, which is not very common in MotoGP. This Australian rider used to ride for Honda in his initial days but later switched to Ducati. Two times winner of MotoGP in 2007 and 2011, Casey Stoner has 29 fastest laps in his record. Casey has the ability to prance on the track with any sort of bike and due to this he is on the second position in the list.

1) Valentino Rossi:

Valentino Rossi

The rider of bike no 46 and always in the news, this Italian rider is hitting the list on top. The multiple times MotoGP World Champion, Valentino Rossi is the most successful riders of all time. He has 58 fastest laps in his record and now rides for Ducati after leaving Yamaha. Rossi has worked with various teams and is the only rider who has won titles while working with each team. Aprilia and Honda are the initial teams with which Rossi has worked with.

These are the riders who have won the hearts of millions with their superb performance on the track. These rider have been able to reach at this position through their exceptional skills and their dedication towards their passion.

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