Moto Max Sponge and Spray review

Modified On Dec 1, 2015 By Rommel Albuquerque

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Now you may be wondering why someone would review a sponge. Yes a sponge. Well it isn’t just a sponge. Moto Max, the company famous for its range of car and motorcycle cleaning products have taken their job a bit too seriously but in a good way. In an effort to make our job of keeping our motorcycle looking spanking new they’ve come up with and launched a unique sponge. Basically it’s a sponge that you can use to polish your motorcycle. This isn’t like the sponge that you get with their polish cream boxes but it’s kind of an all in one polish tool.

The sponge has been infused with a polish mixture. So once you’ve washed and wiped your motorcycle down and the surfaces are clean, all you have to do to add that layer of polish is to rub the sponge lightly over the surfaces you wish to polish. The infused mixture inside the sponge cleans and lays a layer of polish on the applied surface, leaving your motorcycle looking brand new with a shiny gloss look. It’s a pretty tiny package and costs just Rs. 20. Now that’s not bad for that price and it worked pretty well when we tried it out.

We also reviewed another new product from Moto Max, their premium polish spray. This new spray polish works better than the cream polish that you’re used to seeing in the shops. Simply because it’s a liquid spray so it doesn’t leave any white residue on the paint and it’s easier to use too. Just simply spray a little on a clean lint free cloth and wipe the surfaces you want to polish. It’s that simple. No more pesky polish residue and you get a clean even coat of polish where needed. It’s not too expensive either at just Rs.125 for a small bottle.

Cost: Sponge – Rs.20, Spray – Rs.125

Where to Buy: Available at all leading outlets

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