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Review of Kinetic Blaze

Kinetic Blaze OverView

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Kinetic has ruled the scooter market for many years. The company has many products which com in this segment. One of the moped in this segment is the classy and elegant Kinetic Blaze . The stylish Kinetic Blaze is the unisex moped which is specially designed for females. The target segment is not clear for this moped though. The classy moped Kinetic Blaze is available in two models i.e Kinetic Blaze Disc and Kinetic Blaze Drum. The only difference in both the moped is in the braking system. One moped has disc brakes in it and the other one is packed with drum brakes. The price of the Kinetic Blaze drum is 52,499 and that of the Kinetic Blaze Disc is 55,499. The powerful Kinetic Blaze is loaded with 165 cc engines capacity.

The engine is bestowed with 4 stroke and 4 valve engine which will generate maximum power of 11.6 bhp at 7500 rom and a mind-blowing torque of 12 Nm at 5000 rpm. The powerful moped Kinetic Blaze is very fuel efficient and also a dynamic performer and also produce less sound in high speed. The mileage and acceleration of the moped Kinetic Blaze is also very good. Kinetic has launched this Kinetic Blaze in order to target the women riders. In Indian two wheeler market, gear less scooter with light weight, comfortable ride, good luggage space is first demand by women. The classy Kinetic Blaze is available in both kick and electric start options and a comfortable zone with sound and dynamic suspension at front and rear. For hassle free ride the moped is loaded with large alloy wheels.

The Kinetic Blaze , a stylish gear less scooter is particular not only made for women and girls rider but also for young males rider. The overall appearance of the moped is also very impressive and classy.

Kinetic Blaze Designing

Kinetic Blaze Designing

The overall length of the classy moped Kinetic Blaze is 1990 mm, width is 700 mm and height of the moped id 950 mm. The ground clearance of the moped is 160 mm. The curb weight of the Kinetic Blaze is 136 Kg and the saddle height is 765 mm.


The very classy Kinetic Blaze is incorporated with very broad and huge wheels that altogether enhance the appearance of the moped. Not only this, the new Kinetic Blaze is also packed with very broad and fatter tyres that will control the moped very efficiently and nicely. The fatter tyres of the Kinetic Blaze offers greater control and handling of the scooter in the event of off roading and also helps in reducing the rate of skidding.

The stylish and cute looks of the Kinetic Blaze is very impressive and irresistible. The new moped carries charismatic effect with it and holds the view of the consumers and passerby till it disappears.  The very classy and elegant Kinetic Blaze has very much similar appearance to the other same segment scooter with slight changes to it.


The front section of the scooter is very elegant and the two turn indicators embedded in it complements the overall front view of the scooter. The body colored tyre cap also is very nice and merges very well with the look. The side part of the moped is also painted with the body color with a grab rail also of body color. The rear view mirrors of the new moped are black in color and offers clear vision in it. The stylish headlight also is very classy and offers clear visibility at night.


The rear section of the Kinetic Blaze has LED tail lights and turn indicators merged with it. The moped too has very big and huge storage space. The alloy wheels present in the new bike looks very stylish and elegant.


The stylish moped Kinetic Blaze is very comfortable in riding for both the rider and the pillion. The moped is loaded with many comfort features for the relaxed ride. The moped makes sure that you have painless riding experience even in the long distance journey with the help of the comfortable wider and longer seats. The huge storage space beneath the seat helps you to store your luggage. The Kinetic Blaze is available in both kick and self start for pleasurable and hassle free ride.

Kinetic Blaze Engine And Performance

The all new moped is available with 165 cc engine displacement which will be loaded with 4 stroke, 4 valve engine. The powerful engine generates 11.6 bhp maximum power and thumping torque. The engine of the new Kinetic Blaze delivers an impressive mileage of around 45 kmpl in the city roads. The moped has a fuel tank capacity of 6 litres.


The powerful moped Kinetic Blaze is equipped with very dynamic engine of 165 cc. The 165 cc engine of the moped offers impressive power and torque and thus offer zipper acceleration and pick up of the scooter.


The stylish and trendy Kinetic Blaze is available with a powerful engine of 165 cc displacement. The engine of the moped is very efficient and also a great performer. The 4 stroke powerful engine is also bestowed with 4 valves which makes the performance of the moped dynamic. The powerful engine of the Kinetic Blaze generates an impressive power of 11.6 bhp at 7500 rpm and a beating torque of 12 Nm at 5000 rpm. The engine of the moped produces less vibration and noise even at higher speed and offers good mileage and acceleration. The cylinder bore of the new Kinetic Blaze is 51.7 mm and stoke is 52.4 mm.

Kinetic Blaze Braking And Handling

The elegant Kinetic Blaze is loaded with varied latest technological features that helps in handling and controlling of the moped to a great extent. The new moped is expected to offer safe ride for both the driver and the pillion. The Kinetic Blaze is bestowed with advanced suspension system and dynamic braking system. The ultimate braking of the moped will ensure de-acceleration in the speed of the scooter. The larger wheelbase of the Kinetic Blaze also makes the ride very safe.


The suspension system of the classy moped Kinetic Blaze is very sound and dynamic. The advanced and latest suspension of the moped enhances proper control and stability of the bike with reduced jerks in the uneven surfaces. The moped also ensures proper handling, controlling and stability while offering exhilarating riding.


Kinetic Blaze Colors

The exact details of the colors and shades of the Kinetic Blaze is not available till date. Stay tuned with us to know more about the colors and updation.

Kinetic Blaze Pros

Big scooter, full security to the rider and gives amazing power output

Kinetic Blaze Cons

failure in the design and mileage

Kinetic Blaze Review

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  • Kinetic Blaze-Drum
    after sales service at Surat - By Dr. pradeep Kumar from Gandhinagar, Gujarat 2013-03-16

    I am an owner of kinetic blaze and brought it for my daughter at Surat Gujarat. I am now the most harassed man because the city has only one service centre whre peole are known to cheat oyu and also very rude. They overcharge you and do not give any gurranty for the repair works. Further they threaten you that you can not get it repaired outside because their is the only agency in the city. In fact I have now decided not to go for a kinetic product so long I have to depend such agency in Surat for after sales service. read more

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