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Bike Discontinued in July , 2011

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Yamaha has priced FZ1 at INR 10.72 lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi (approx., may vary)). This is the biggest advantage of this bike. It’s much more affordable and powerful than most of its Japanese as well as Europian rivals and offers best in class ride and handling. It also looks very trendy and sporty. The only thing that you may complain about is its high level of resemblance with its much cheaper siblings. Other than this, nothing should bother you and we feel it’s an economical alternative for the faire Read more...

Yamaha_FZ_v2_0 Price

Yamaha Fz 6r

  • Alloy
  • Front :-298 mm disc

    Rear :-245 mm disc

  • NA


Yamaha Fz 1

  • Alloy
  • Front :-Dual Hydraulic Disc Brake 320 mm,

    Rear :-Single Hydraulic Disc Brake 245 mm

  • Self Start Only

Rs 11,77,642

Yamaha Fz 8

  • Alloy
  • Front :- Hydraulic dual disc, Ø 310 mm

    Rear :- Hydraulic single disc, Ø 267 mm

  • Self Start Only


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3.5/5 2 Reviews

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Yamaha_FZ_v2_0 Expert Review

Successful niches have a way of becoming mainstream. That's why, it’s too obvious and easy to find naked bikes at your every local dealership. While naked-bike enthusiasts used to build their own out of necessity, stripped-down sportbikes are now a staple of nearly every manufacturer's lineup. Riders are clamoring for a do-it-all machine that's powerful, comfortable, versatile and agile. The new nearly-nakeds provide a middle ground that approaches ideal. And this is where Yamaha’s FZ1 comes. Yamaha’s FZ1 range has been a hit with buyers since its inception in 2001. And with good reason - The first generation FZ1 had a stonking engine derived from the R1, one of the Gods of motorcycles. Easily, this has to be one of the most underestimated, best value bikes in Yamaha’s current line-up. It’s a bike which is said to take you back a bit, back when most Japanese big capacity motorcycles were naked. It’s an approach that has advantages for manufacturers, extending the life of the technology while allowing them to cut costs and for buyers, giving them access to recent technology at a reasonable price. Remember it’s in effect impossible to access more than, say, 50 per cent of a supersports bike’s potential in normal street use. With this approach in mind, FZ1 tends to be an all-rounder. How much it succeeds, let’s find out.

Give it a look and you can easily figure out why it’s been named “Brutal Beauty”. For this, owe a big thanks to the design language of this bike, which is completely macho and aggressive. The face specially seems like a Bull face which can thrash any one – completely menacing. Its edgy headlight with twin pilot lamps and tiny side indicators gives it a naked look, which without any cowl and visor enhances the wildness factor. The meter console just above this headlight forms its forehead which makes it look tense yet attacking. Its front forks look nasty thanks to the visual bulk added by its extended front fender. It has a black color engine cover which looks cool with four pipes coming out of its engine. The short type silencer adds sporty characteristic to this bike which complements its compact appearance. Its split seat and masculine fuel tank are now placed a bit forward and one can also notice the extended length of the rider seat. There are not much graphics on this bike. It is extremely broad rear tyre (190/50) is an eye-catcher and suits the rear designing of this bike which features a minimalistic design with a drawn out fender carrying number plate and side indicators. The compact appearance of this bike gives it the sporty attitude which is very much needed in its segment. Talking about the instrument console, Yamaha FZ1 has a combined analogue digital instrument meter panels. The round shaped analogue tachometer is placed on the right side while on the left side there is a digital speedometer, odometer and 2-trip meters. The other LED indicators are also noticeable. At night, its LCD uses orange color for illumination. The FZ1 is bang up to date with current styling trends of sharp angles and aggressive looks, and each and every part of the bike screams that fact. The broad alloy wheels available in the new FZ1 look very sporty and robust. The aggression of the bike is increased because of the availability of alloy wheels. It also enhances the sophisticated look to the bike. The wheel travel of the front and rear wheel is same that is 130mm. The stylish big and broad tyres present in the new bike look very impressive and also offers greater safeguard to both the rider and the passenger and controls the huge bike in the event of off-roading and also reduce the risk of skidding in the slippery and watery surfaces. The stunning appearance of the FZ1 creates a charismatic effect on the mind of the bike riders and on-lookers. The stunning and classy aerodynamic body graphics of the new bike is very gingerbread and elegant. The unmatched and attractive features of the bike are just class apart. The impressive front looks of the bike very aggressive and sporty. The front portion of the new FZ1 is very dynamic with 12V 60/55 watt multi-reflector headlight that looks very elegant and also provides proper and clear visibility at night and even in worse weather conditions. The elegant turn indicators are also very appealing. The black coloured rear view mirrors also add on to the overall appearance of the bike. The black coloured tinted windscreen between the handles looks very different and classy too.


If you thought that all the bullish stance ended up in the looks department, give yourself a second thought, as this Yamaha is powered by a monstrous four cylinder, liquid-cooled 998cc engine. And the size means it, as this 4-stroke, DOHC engine pumps out a massive power output of 148 bhp at 11000 rpm, while the torque production of this fuel injected engine is of 106 Nm which is achievable at 8000 rpm. This bike is equipped with a six-speed manual gearbox with a gear shift pattern of one gear down and five give gears up. This is the segment which matters the most when you are talking about bikes like FZ1 and it seems to have an upper hand over most of its rivals, boasting better power to weight ratio. The bike has an instant throttle response which indicates towards its serious power production. Within 3.5 seconds, you may reach the three digit mark on its speedometer. For high speed performance, you will notice its proportionate gear ratios which allow you to rev it hard even in small gears. Even at low rpms, there is not much need of frequent gear shifts. However, the refinement and calmness of this engine may not cross the benchmarks, sort of say Honda CB 1000R. You can sense the strain in this engine if you try to push it extremely hard. Gear transitions are also very convenient and delightful. The bike is built for high speed cruising and it does so in style and you can always cross the speed of 160km/hr without much drama. It’s certainly not the limit for this bike as it can reach the top speed of 200 kmph. This high silicon-content ceramic-composite cylinder lining of the motor make the performance outstanding and also reduced friction and increase heat dissipation for uninterrupted power return. The 998 cc engine of the new Yamaha FZ1 produces less vibration and noise at higher speed. The engine is also loaded with sound fuel injection system which surely ensures that every drop of fuel is properly used and thus makes it very fuel efficient, delivering an overall figure of 10 kmpl.

We just said that the Yamaha FZ1 is suited for high speed cruising. This trait is achieved by beefy telescopic forks and swing arm suspension at the back, which perform their duty perfectly. As far as braking is concerned, it has dual hydraulic disc brake of 320mm at its front while it has a single disc brake of 245mm at the back. The rear brake is combined with a single-pot pin-slide caliper which effectively helps to stop this speeding machine. With a wheelbase of 1460mm and fatty tyres, the bike delivers superb handling. Its suspension is quite able to hold it effectively at high speeds and it holds the road properly around corners. The bike takes any bump without complain and offers superior ride quality than its rival. High speed stability is the best thing about this bike and that can be experienced while you frequently change lanes. You always have control over this bike thanks to its perfectly mated suspension and braking system. New seat and upraised tank now brings the rider more close to the handle which increases the comfort level while driving this bike. The flat handlebar gives you a nice firm palm grip which is quite effective at slow speeds. Its clutch and gear levers are very light and easy to grip while its foot pegs allow your knees to fold at the right angle. The overall control over this bike is enhanced by the way your knees stick around its tank.

FZ1 is studded with superior disc brakes both at front and rear as well as ABS, delivering the perfect bite for stopping distances and handling.

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