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Revolt To Introduce Helmet With Voice Commands

Published On Jun 21, 2019 By Praveen M. for Revolt RV400

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Using this, one can start the RV 400 electric bike simply by commanding it to do so!

  • This feature is likely to use a Bluetooth module with a microphone.
  • Expect the helmet to cost around Rs 4,500 and offered as an optional accessory.
  • Revolt is likely to reveal the helmet alongside with the bike’s price reveal on July 22.

During the unveiling of the Revolt RV 400, the Indian startup revealed a small yet interesting teaser at the end. It showed a woman wearing a helmet and commanding the motorcycle to start by saying “Revolt, start.” Yes, Revolt is indeed working on a helmet with voice activation for the bike’s controls. 

Since Revolt isn’t in the business of manufacturing helmets itself, the brand is likely to team up with an Indian helmet manufacturer for this device, which is likely to be a Bluetooth module with mic. We believe it will pair up with your smartphone and the voice command will be transmitted to the phone, which would then enable the motorcycle’s start up. Other than this method, the motorcycle can be cranked using the power button on the fuel tank or via the app as well. Apart from the voice-activated startup function, expect other voice commands to be offered as well.

Since this is more of a novelty feature, we feel Revolt would offer this as an optional accessory. Expect the helmet to be priced at around Rs 4,500. Going by the teaser, it will likely be an ISI-certified full-face helmet with a ratchet-type strap-securing system.

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Revolt will be announcing the price of the RV 400 along with its detailed specifications on 22 July, so expect the brand to reveal the helmet on the same date as well. Bookings will open from June 25 for a token amount of Rs 1000. The electric motorcycle is likely to cost around Rs 1 lakh, considering the kind of features it gets.  As far as availability is concerned, it will be introduced in Delhi first, followed by NCR, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Ahmedabad and Chennai in the next four months.

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