NawaRacer Is The World’s First Hybrid Electric Motorcycle

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It boasts a range of 300km… but there’s a catch

French battery tech expert, Nawa Technologies, has announced that it will reveal the NawaRacer electric bike concept as a rideable model in the coming months. First showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020, the bike has now begun to take shape in collaboration with France-based companies -- AKKA Technologies, FAAR, Pronergy, and YSY Group.

The neo-retro cafe racer didn’t just woo the crowds with its clean design but the cutting-edge battery technology Nawa has been working on. It combines lithium-ion battery packs with company-developed ultracapacitors to offer 10 times the power and five times the energy than existing ultracapacitors.

The NawaCap ultracapacitor, with 0.1kWh capacity, weighs 10kg and claims to reuse 80 percent of the energy usually lost through braking. Thanks to its impressive regen capacity, the NawaRacer requires a small 9kWh battery. Instead of a convenient hub-mounted motor, Nawa has opted for a hubless rim motor capable of producing 100PS and propelling the bike to a top speed of 160kmph.

The NawaRacer boasts a combined range of 150km, while the urban range is a claimed 300km, thanks to the regen tech. It takes just an hour to charge the battery up to 80 percent, however, the brand hasn’t revealed the time it would take for a full charge.

The NawaRacer uses an aluminum body with an integrated battery pack, doing away with the need for a conventional frame. Also, the brand has used carbon fiber rims and swingarm to reduce the weight. The result is an electric bike that tips the scales at 150kg.

Nawa Technologies has styled the bike along the lines of the cafe racers from the 1960s. It has been by the company’s CTO and founder. Though the NawaRacer may debut later this year on a race track, you won’t be able to get your hands on one.

That’s because Nawa doesn’t intend to move the Nawa racer to production. It is only focusing on the hybrid battery technology’s application. The tech is completely scalable and modular, allowing manufacturers to use it even on cars and commercial vehicles. However, Nawa has stated that the NawaRacer could become a production model should any other company be keen on taking this project ahead.

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