Rs 5,500 Off On Your Electric Scooter!

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Gemopai is offering festive season benefits on all its models

With the ongoing pandemic, a lot of people are turning away from public transport and ride sharing, and looking towards personal mobility instead. It is 2020, so it’s entirely possible that your first vehicle could be an electric. To make buying an EV that much more affordable, Gemopai has announced festive season offers of up to Rs 5,500 on all its models.

 Gemopai Astrid Lite Electric Scooter: Road Test Review

The Miso, Astrid Lite and Ryder can be had at discounted prices, and Gemopai will even throw in some free accessories on the Astrid. In addition to this, if you’re not a first-time buyer and have an older petrol-powered two-wheeler, Gemopai will offer you a princely sum of Rs 1,000 in exchange for that gas guzzler.

We understand if you’ve never heard of the company, so why not bring yourself up to speed by checking out our review of its flagship product, the Astrid Lite, right here.

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