2nd Vintage & Classic Motorcycle Show- Day 2

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Brightly shining sun, pleasant breeze, dust, vrooming bikes, stunts, bike enthusiasts, energy summarize the 2nd Vintage and Classic Motorcycles Show. The venue was the weekend spot for the Jaipurites along with other bike-lovers from across the nation. After a adrenalin pumping Day 1, Day 2 of the show started with all positive vibes around with a smiling sun welcoming us to the grounds. It being a Sunday, the show recorded more than expected footfall, much more than the previous day. Energy and mood was set up by the audience-grabber stunt performance by Jojo Wheelie. These energetic stunts just revved up the bikers as well as the audience.

2nd Vintage & Classic Motorcycle Show Day 2

By 2pm, post lunch, the time when eyes go weary, we saw the venue all enthused. There stood a whole line-up of roaring bikes. our hearts thumping along. And to imagine most of these belonged to the war-era! Mr. B.L. Soni, Police Commissioner, Jaipur City, flagged-off the rally. There were around 100 bikers with their vintage bikes who went rallying their bikes round the city. The on-lookers sure had a good time with these super-hot bikes and scoots toying around with hearts! The audience waited impatiently for the bikers to be back for another stunt show. Here, quite a few words are deserved by Jojo Wheelie, who wooed the audience with his stunts on a Honda scooter.

2nd Vintage & Classic Motorcycle Show Day 2

Awards ceremony was started by Princess Diya Kumari of Jaipur and Hon'ble Mr. Jai Singh of Jaipur, gave away the awards in four categories. Best Bike was won by 1943 Harley DavidSon V-Twin (750cc, hand gear). The proud owner, Mr. Sachit Sharma, had come all the way from Agra on his handsome ride. He also had brought his brand new Harley-Davidson Heritage Soft-tail Classic. 1946 Ariel VB 600 (Hand Gear) took the Best Restored Bike award, owner Mr. Desh Deepak. Mr. Babu Lal Sharma was one of the proudest biker around while taking the Best Maintained Bike award. Mr. Sharma, one of the best skilled restorer of vintage bikes in the country, had come to the show with bikes like 1942 James, 1942 BSA 350 and many others owned and restored by him.

2nd Vintage & Classic Motorcycle Show Day 2

After a good time fun both these days, it was now time for the bikers to return back to their dens. Sad yet happy, bikers started to leave the venue and after two days of classic and vintage motorcycles came to an end.

2nd Vintage & Classic Motorcycle Show Day 2

And so did we with yet another chat with the organizer Mr. Upendra Shastri, who says proudly, "The show was very successful, 102 bikes participated, we could get more entries but due to some financial hurdles, some could not come. We assure you we will try harder the next time and you will see a better and bigger show for sure. We just hope for all your wishes and presence." This, we have to mention, was not just a vintage bike rally, it was a learning ground, a place to delve back into history of India, and see what actually makes our grand-parents and great-grandparents miss those times. We can claim to be technologically advanced, but have forgotten our roots. The show gave us a chance to learn and explore the then mean machines and history and evolution of motorcycles. The bikes left us amazed and stunned at what our techno-age misses, reliability and rigidity.

2nd Vintage & Classic Motorcycle Show Day 2

With this, we find ourselves crazed up for the third instalment of the show, which we hope will bring some more wonderful bikes and insight into the history of motorcycles in India and worldwide. The passion and fervour we see in the organizers assure us that the 3rd Vintage and Motorcycle Show will be better and bigger.

2nd Vintage & Classic Motorcycle Show Day 2

The complete list of awarders at the show

2nd Vintage & Classic Motorcycle Show Day 2

1. Best Restored Motorcycle - Mr. Desh Deepak,VB 600 Ariel 1946,

2. Best Maintained Motorcycle - 1954 BSA, 350cc,Mr. Babu Lal sharma, Harothi

3. Motorcycle of the Show - Harley Davidson,1943, 750cc, Sachit Kumar, Agra

4. Best Vintage Motorcycle 1st - 1939, Norton 16H, 550cc,Sandeep Jethani, jaipur

5. Best Vintage Motorcycle 2nd -1938, James, 150cc, Neha Sharma,Jaipur

6. Conquered of Elegance - Thakur Birju Singh, Corgi Parachute, 1933, 100cc

7. Original Best Maintained Java - Suraj Balodia

8. Original Best Maintained GTS (Rajdoot) - Chand Chawat

9. Original Best Maintained Yamaha RD 350 - Kamal Pareek

10. Original Best Maintained Scooter - 1954 Lambretta D, Ghani Auto

11. Original Best Maintained Royal Enfield - Sandeep Tiwari

12. Best Custom Made Motorcycle - AfterDark, Rishi Raj Grover

13. Longest Drive on Scooter from Agra - Ram Swaroop bharati

14. Longest Drive on Scooter from Delhi - Haji Fakrudin

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