These Supercars inspired Motorcycles can Blow your Mind

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It is rightly said, “Four Wheels move the Body, Two Wheels move the soul”. Four wheelers mostly symbolise luxury while the two-wheelers are more of a passion thing. We all know very well that passion wins over luxury. This is the reason why supercar makers also tried their hands in the two-wheel segment. Here is a list of 5 motorcycles which are some way or the other related to supercars.

Lotus C-01

The iconic carmaker Lotus introduced its first motorcycle in February 2014. Named as the C-01, the bike has been engineered and produced as a result of their collaboration with Kodewa. It has been designed by the same guy, Daniel Simon, who showcased his art with the Tron Light Cycles. The body of this state-of-the-art motorcycle wraps the 1195cc KTM engine, which is inspired by the legendary 1960’s Lotus F1 car. The body of the motorcycle is made up of a combination of aluminium and carbon fibre. The rarity of this machine can be understood with the fact that as of now, only 100 motorcycles exist. 

MV Agusta F3 AMG

Made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2015, the MV Agusta F3 AMG is developed by Mercedes-AMG, which is usually reserved for the top-end Mercedes sports cars. Besides, highlighting its relationship between AMG and MV Agusta, the F3 800 AMG has been built specifically to honor any AMG. Rather, both the companies took the motorcycle and paired it with AMG’s supercar, the 462-horsepower GT. 

Ferrari V4 Concept

Though it is not directly related to Ferrari, it is certainly an interesting take on what a superbike could actually look like. Amir Glinik from Israel was inspired to create Ferrari motorcycle, a stylish and technically replica of Italian Sports automobiles. The guy imagined using a V4 engine in a motorcycle that comes from the legendary Ferrari V12. The aesthetics of the motorcycle are inspired by modern and classic Ferraris but repackaged into a motorcycle. 

Maserati Lazareth LM 847

Lazareth is mostly known for designing cinema vehicles, but recently, the company surprised the world by introducing the LM 847. The bike has got the fierce 4.7-litre Maserati, 32-valve, a V-8 engine that pumps out a sensational 470 horses. The company has been customizing various ferocious vehicles for the cinema world. Remember the bike used in ‘Mad Max’, the motorcycle was designed by Lazareth. But, the company took their designs beyond imagination with their latest product, the Maserati Lazareth M847. 

Dodge Tomahawk

The Dodge Tomahawk is a non-street legal motorcycle concept which was introduced in 2003 by Dodge and marked its first impression in 2003 Detroit Motor Show. The Art Deco period inspired designing of this vicious machine is done by Chrysler staff designer, Mark Walters. The bike uses an 8.3-litre V10 SRT 10 engine of Dodge Viper. The Viper-powered Dodge Tomahawk shattered all the barriers of conventional thinking about two-wheelers. The initial reaction of the vehicle comes in two words - wow and why. If you really want to know ‘why’, please take a look at its wow factor and experience the extreme.

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