Touring Tips: 5 Important Tips For Short Distance Touring

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A short ride can be an eventful one if you do it the right way 

Touring Tips

You could be planning a short road trip or a breakfast ride, but it does not mean you venture out unprepared. Sure, you do not require elaborate arrangements but there are five essentials you need to keep in mind.

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Travel light

Touring tips

The less stuff you have on your motorcycle, the better it will handle and the more relaxed you will be. Instead of panniers you could carry a tank bag or a backpack. If you do not have an all-season jacket, carry a rain jacket. You never know when you will need it. Also, carry all your vehicle papers, licence, and an emergency first-aid kit. 

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Drink lots of water

Riding can be tiresome. Staying hydrated will keep fatigue away and help you concentrate on the road better. Carrying a hydration pack means you can drink water on the move. Alternatively, carry a one-litre bottle that you can drink from on your breaks. 

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Take short breaks

Touring tips

Just because it is a short ride does not mean you do not have to take breaks. Seasoned riders can travel long distances without taking a break but if you are a novice rider, you do not have to. Keep your breaks short and reserved for drinking water or relieving yourself. If the scenery is splendid, do stop and enjoy yourself. 

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All The Gear All The Time is an adage you should follow for your own safety. No matter the distance, ensure you wear a protective jacket, pants, gloves, boots and helmet. 

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Tank up


Having a full tank means you do not waste time refuelling when you can be riding. Needless to say, your motorcycle needs to be in excellent condition and tyre pressures at the optimal level. 

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