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Bike Discontinued in February , 2011

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Hero Honda Splendor Price

Hero Honda Splendor STD


Hero Honda Splendor Plus

  • Alloy
  • Front :-Internal Expanding Shoe Type 130mm
    Rear :-Internal Expanding Shoe Type 130mm

  • Kick and self Start

Rs 46,746

Hero Honda Splendor Pro

  • Alloy
  • Front :-Internal Expanding Shoe Type 130 mm Drum

    Rear :-Internal Expanding Shoe Type 130 mm Drum

  • Kick and self Start

Rs 46,960

Hero Honda Splendor Nxg

  • Alloy
  • Front :-Internal expanding shoe type (130mm)

    Rear :- Internal expanding shoe type (110mm)

  • Kick Start Only


Hero Honda Splendor Super

  • Alloy
  • Front Drum Type :- Internal Expanding Type - 130 mm Dia

    Rear Drum Type :- Internal Expanding Type - 130 mm Dia

  • Self Start Only


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Hero Splendor Plus

Friends I am little bit confused to choose a new bike even though I am using Hero’s Splendor Bike but I am not happy by the performance of.....

Hero Honda Splendor Expert Review

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The largest bike manufacture of country Hero Honda has got super rich and best selling bike in its stable that is Hero Splendor, the total variant of the brand are 4. Hero has recently upgraded its Hero Splendor Super model and the new bike is priced at Rs. 45950 in Delhi.

Hero Honda launched its flagship model Hero Splendor in the year 1994 and it bring name and fame to the company instantly since the launch. Only after a gap of 6 years, Hero Splendor was declared World No. 1 largest selling single two-wheeler model. The basic model of the Hero Splendor was having only standard equipment only but technology was mind-blowing as a result the bike made records after records of selling.

In the year 2003, Hero Honda upgraded the basic model of Hero Splendor and launched a revamped version named as Hero Honda Splendor Plus which also saw a big success. The company announced to sell the basic and improved model side by side but discontinued the former silently after sometime. Now only Hero Splendor Plus version is available in market. The Hero Splendor Plus is powered by an air cooled, 4 stroke, single cylinder OHC engine with 97.2 cc of displacement. The engine produces peak power of 7.4 bhp at 8,000 rpm and churn peak torque of 7.95 Nm at 5,000 rpm. It uses world class suspension and brakes which can be called as the USP of Hero bikes in India. The new avatar of Hero Splendor sports alloy wheels, pass light, helmet lock and handy indicators switch.

The company further revamped the Hero Splendor brand and launched Hero Splendor Super in the year 2005. It is a bigger machine than its predecessors. The bike is loaded with 125cc, 4-Stroke OHC, Single Cylinder, Air Cooled engine which churns maximum power of 9 bhp at 7,000 rpm while belts out 10.35 Nm of peak torque at 4,000 rpm. Other modifications on this bike include, self start, bigger engine, wider wheelbase and bike weight.

The latest offering in the Hero stable is Hero Splendor NXG which was launched in the year 2007. Basically the bike was designed and launched targeting youth thereby more graphics, self start, alloy wheels and sporty look. For the first time in Hero history, it added self start option, after a year of the launch, to an entry-level bike along with black alloy wheels. In addition to this, ne generation Pro Series Engines is incorporated in the Hero Splendor NXG. Apart from these, the bike is equipped with new generation digital CDI unit, new design carburetor with TCIS, Halogen bulb Trapeziodal, MFR in headlamp and new style graphics. The bike is again an entry-level bike which comes loaded with 4 stoke, single cylinder OHC, air cooled 97.2cc engine. The engine develops a peak power of 7.8 bhp at 7,500 rpm and generates 8.04 Nm of peak torque at 4,500 rpm. The ex-showroom price of the self start equipped NXG is Rs 40,700 in Delhi.

All the above mentioned Hero Splendor variants are available in alloy wheel and multi-spoke wheel option.

Hero Honda has once again re-designed in it stylish bike Hero Splendor Super. The bike is upgraded with some new re-designed body graphics and also with some elegant cosmetic changes. The overall look of the bike is beautifully enhanced in this.. The bike has very vinrant and new body graphics which is very appealing. The initial front bikini fairing of the bike has changed to the smiling shape and looks very different. The overall body part of the new Hero Splendor super has black finish. The overall of the new Hero Splendor super is very impressive.

Again with lots of bang the evergreen Hero Honda has added one more member in its Hero Splendor family the super classy Hero Splendor Pro. The stylish bike is very elegantly designed for the new generation young crowd who demands something extra in their life. The engine of the new Hero Honda Splendor Pro is very similar to that of Hero Splendor Plus. The powerful Hero Splendor Pro is powered by an engine capacity of 97.2 cc. The engine is also incorporated with air cooled, 4 stroke, single cylinder OHC engine. The massive engine produces a maximum power of 7.4 bhp at 8,000 rpm and thumping torque of 7.95 Nm at 5,000 rpm. Not only the engine of the new Hero Splendor Pro is same but the bike has similar type of brakes and suspension too. The only difference is in the appearance of the bike, it has changed body graphics and instrument panel.

The overall length, width and height of Hero Splendor Plus are: 1970mm, 720mm and 1040mm respectively . While the wheelbase of the bike is 1230mm, saddle height 785mm and ground clearance is 159 mm. And the curb weight is 109 kg.

The overall length, width and height of Hero Splendor Super are: 1995mm, 735mm and 1095 mm, respectively. The ground clearance is less than Hero Splendor Plus that is 150mm while the wheelbase is increased to 1265mm. The Hero Splendor Super is heavier than its predecessor. The curb weight of the machine is 121kg.

The overall length, width and height of Hero Splendor NXG are: 1965mm, 720mm and 1095mm respectively. In the latest Hero Splendor bike of Hero Honda, the wheelbase is 1230mm, saddle height is 785mm and ground clearance is 160-more than any other Hero Splendor series bikes. However, the curb weight is lesser, 107 kg, than its predecessors.


The Hero Splendor Plus in blessed with standard front tyre, 2.75X18-42 P, and rear tyre- 2.75X18-48 P. The bike is available in spoke and alloy wheels options across the country. Whereas the Hero Splendor Super and Hero Splendor NXG come with the same tyre specifications as fitted in the Hero Splendor Plus. These two Hero Honda bikes also come in spoke and alloy wheels options.

The new and trendy Hero Splendor Pro is also blessed with the standard wheels and tyres which are present in the above mentioned Hero Splendor bikes.

The Hero Splendor Plus is a commuter cum executive bike and looks sleek and attractive with excellent strips. The front and rear face of the bike have a reflection of sports bike. Front cowl is aggressive and classy and stylish graphics enhance sporty appeal. No windshield is fitted in the body colour cowl. The instrumental console houses speedometer and fuel gauge. These comes in mechanical mode. Pass light flasher, turn indicator switch and high and low beam switch is mounted on handlebars for handy use.

Company name stickers are pasted at fuel tank and front cowl. Bold and beautiful plastic 'Hero Honda Splendor+' emblem is fixed at side panels. Alloy wheels and chrome finished silencer are awesome in a commuter bike. The engine is fitted nicely with 'Hero' name at it. Swing arm is left naked while cylinder size upper case is in body colour. Rear grab rail is also in chrome finish like stainless steel. A small carriage is also provided.

The Hero Splendor Senior, Super Hero Splendor, comes in a more sporty and muscular looks. The doom, fuel tank and wheelbase is bigger than any Hero Splendor bike. It also houses larger windshield which is black tinted. The headlamp and cowl is altogether different in the bike.


The body colour is there on front mudguard, fuel tank, side panels and rear side panels. The Hero Splendor super stickers is pasted at fuel tank and Hero Honda stickers is at side panels. Graphical work at the bike is superb and eye-catching. The rear view mirrors are in black while grab rail is in silver shade. The fuel tank lid is in round shape as against rectangular in its predecessor. The console of the bike doesn't has tachometer but fuel gauge and trip meter. All the switches and button are as same as Hero Splendor Plus while self start flasher is an added feature in the bike. Seat lock and skinny tank is other unique features to the Hero Super Hero Splendor. This time, carriage is not given in the bike and a new stylish sporty tail lamp is fitted. The muffler in the bike is provided in black with chrome heat shield. The new Hero Splendor Super has very stylish and classy tail lights which changes the overall appearance of the bike.


Hero has upgraded its Hero Splendor Super model which some cosmetic and graphic changes. The meter console of the new bike is very different and class apart which comprises of huge dial of speedometer ( odometer and trip meter), small dial of fuel indicator etc. The rear section of the bike has also some changed with slight alterations in the tail light which matches with the theme are a bit curvier. The front visor of the bike is redesigned and looks very impressive. There is a new tool box which is placed over the engine in small horizontal chrome dash. The new and stylish alloy wheels also look beautiful. It is now available with body colored rear view mirrors. The bike has drum brakes and self start option as standard.

The next generation Hero Splendor, Hero Splendor NXG, is a classy example of youth targeted bike. It is available in a number of stunning shades. The front cowl is bigger and houses Trapezoidal type halogen bulb which ensure better visibility even at low speed due to powerful battery. Body colour with stripes is painted at front fender, fuel tank, side panels and rear side panels.


Apart from this, rest of the bike is having black treatment. The rear grab rail and rear view mirrors are in also in black shade. Stylish and bold graphics are there at fuel tank in silver. The company also pasted a 'power start' sticker at tool box in new variant of the bike. The meter board of the bike is mechanical type and is comprised of big speedometer and fuel gauge with other indicators placed at left side. The instrument panel should be in digital type as it is called the next generation bike by the company. The fuel tank is smaller than any Hero Splendor family bike and has the same kind of tank lid as Hero Splendor Super. Due to the sleek size of the tank, the rider can put his thigh around the tank in a comfortable way. It also borrowed switches from its big brother-Super Hero Splendor. The bike has power start up which makes it very comfortable.


The bike boasts of new stylish tail lamp and die– cast alloy grab rail which in black shade. The seat is flat and comfy. The seating position is upright. The body panels are having more plastic and size. The swing arm of the rear fork is naked while the upper portion is kept uncovered. The bike comes in new silver-shaded alloy wheels and black alloy wheels. The silencer is in chrome finish with a small heat shield. Footrest and footpegs are there for passenger's comfort.

The new Hero Splendor Pro has a very charismatic and elegant look. The new bike is designed very gracefully and is very eye catchy. The bike is quite irresistible in just a single glance. The engineers of the new Hero Honda Splendor pro has taken care of each part very carefully and has designed the new bike which is very sporty and attractive. The appearance of the new Hero Splendor Pro is very similar to the old Hero Splendor Plus with below mentioned changes The new stylish and sleek body graphics of the bike looks very aggressive and sporty. The stylish instrument panel comprises of digital speedometer, fuel guage, turn indicator signal, etc. The stylish decals also look very impressive. The new alloy wheels of the bike are also very elegant and offer macho look while grab rail of the bike is inspired from Splendor basic model and is different to Splendor Super. It's very rigid that is capable to carry light weight goods and provides secure sitting position to passenger. The seat of the all Hero Splendor is same which is main common features in these bike that provides good comfort for the rider.


As far as comfort is concerned, all the Hero Splendor bikes are ultimate. Seating position is the best with flat seats for both rider and passenger. Even three people can be easily accommodated on the seat, but this is not recommended. For better visibility at night, a multi reflector halogen bulb is fitted in the headlamp. The newly added switch gear is a welcome change. This time high and low beam comes in a form of push button in place of a switch. A handy pass-light flasher is added for comfort and sporty look.

Hero Honda Super Hero Splendor and Hero Splendor NXG come with self start which is a handy option with instant start. Pass light, fuel gauge and other indicators are a must in these bikes which also make the journey especial. Braking is efficient if uses both brakes simultaneously. Hero Splendor NXG has a knee grip mold which add comfort to the rider. Footrests and footpegs are provided in each Hero Splendor bikes. There is rear grab rail as well in all Hero Splendor bikes. Suspensions are standard in Hero Splendors and good enough to give a smooth ride overall. Hero Splendor Pro comes equipped with silver coloured solid alloy wheels that make the bike light weighted. With the comfort features all the Splendor series bikes prove value for money. With its comfortable features and competitive price, Hero Splendor is one of the largest selling motorcycle in the world.

The Hero Splendor series bikes are known for their superb mileage and low maintenance.


The Hero Splendor Plus gives around 65-70 kmpl. It has got 11 litres of fuel tank capacity along with 1 litre of fuel reserve. Hero SplendorSuper can give around 63-68 kmpl of mileage. The maximum fuel tank capacity is 12 litres. Whereas Hero Splendor NXG has 9.5 litres of fuel tank capacity and 1.8 litres of reserve and you can expect around 70-75 kmpl of fuel economy in city.

The all new Hero Splendor Pro offers a mileage of 60-70 kmpl in the city roads. The fuel tank present in the new Hero Splendor Pro is of 11 ltrs with I ltr of fuel reserve.


The Hero Honda Splendor NXG takes only 8.7 seconds to chase 0-60kmph sprint while to cover 0-400m in 22.9 seconds. The claimed top speed of the bike is 90.1 kmph.

The Hero Honda Splendor Super can reach from 0 to 60 kmph sprint in just 7.4 seconds and 0-100 kmph sprint in mere 22.4 seconds. Whereas the top speed of the machine is 98.7 kms.

The all new trendy and powerful Hero Honda Splendor Pro is powered by 97.2 cc engine displacement and offers zipper acceleration and pick up.


The Hero Honda Splendor Plus comes loaded with a 97.2cc air cooled, 4 stroke, single cylinder OHC engine which produces a peak power of 7.4 bhp at 8,000 rpm while it develops 7.95 Nm of peak torque at 5,000 rpm. It houses 4 speed constant mesh gearbox. The bike is developed with tubular double cradle type. So far, it comes with kick start option and optional alloy wheels.

Hero Honda Splendor Super is a little upgraded version of Hero Honda Splendor series. It sports self start, alloy wheels, pass light, muscular look, big body hence weight is more than any Hero Honda Splendor bike. It is also blessed with largest wheelbase that is 1265mm. The engine capacity is also 125cc which welcoming change. The bike is loaded with 4 stroke, single cylinder, OHC, air cooled engine that belts out peak power of 9 bhp at 7,000 rpm and churns a maximum torque of 10.35 at 4,000 rpm. As far as power and performance is concerned, Hero Honda Splendor Super is the most powerful bike in the Hero Honda Splendor family. The instrument panel of the bike houses fuel gauge and speedometer. But to our surprise, the tyre size is borrowed from its younger sibling-Hero Honda Splendor Plus.

The new bike from Hero Honda Splendor family-Hero Honda Splendor NXG-is equipped with a air cooled, 4 stroke, single cylinder OHC with a displacement of 97.2 cc. The powertrain of the machine belts out 7.8Ps of maximum power at 7500 rpm while it generates peak torque of 8.04 Nm at 4500 rpm. The bike is also available in self/kick start option. The machine possesses APDV engine for that effortless city ride. It comes with latest digital CDI unit, new design carburetor TCIS and black alloy wheels. All the other feature like suspension, brakes, gearbox and tyres are very much same as Hero Honda Splendor Plus and Hero Honda Splendor Super.

The new stylish and dynamic Hero Honda Splendor Pro has a similar engine like that of Hero Honda Splendor Plus. The mssive bike is packed with 97.2 cc engine displacement. The 4 stroke engine of the new is also endowed with air cooled technology which ensures cooling of the engine very fast even ta higher speed. The bike is equipped with single cylinder and OHC valve configuration for reduced friction. The powerful bike generated a maximum power of 7.4 bhp at 8,000 rpm while it develops 7.95 Nm of peak torque at 5,000 rpm. The bike is also incorporated with 4 Speed Transmission gearbox.

All the Hero Splendor family bikes in India, Hero Splendor Plus, Hero Splendor Super and Hero Splendor NXG, are loaded with standard brakes and suspensions. The front and rear brakes are 130mm drum type while front suspension is telescopic hydraulic and rear one is swing arm with hydraulic shock absorbers. The braking system works efficiently in normal speed. However, if the speed is more than 60 kmph, you need to operate both brakes at the same time to avoid skidding or instant braking otherwise chances are there of sudden slip. Stability is not a big concern in Hero HSplendor Super as it boasts of higher wheelbase (1265 mm) which supports to have a good grip on road. On the other hand, Hero Splendor Plus has 1230mm of wheelbase and Hero Splendor NXG comes with 1235mm of wheelbase.


Hero  has treated in all the three existing Hero Splendor models in the same way, as far as suspensions are concerned. The front fork is telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers and rear one is swing arm with hydraulic shock absorbers. The suspensions of these bikes are standard but enough capable to give butter-smooth ride even at rough roads. In all the models, the rear shocker's swing arm would be naked and its upper portion will be covered in body colour round casing.


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