Rynox Hawk Tail Luggage System

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If you ride solo on a motorcycle then sometimes a saddlebag is too much of luggage to lug around or if you own a motorcycle which has an exhaust placed high up like the one on the Triumph Tiger, then saddle bags will just burn up(on one side at least). So what’s the solution? A tail pack. My road trip to Goa for India Bike Week was the perfect testing ground for this bag – The Hawk Tail bag by Rynox.

The Hawk tail bag by Rynox is a unique luggage system. It looks quite small but extends both vertically and horizontally. Though the bag looks small, it does have up to 53 litres of storage space. Now the best part about this tail pack is that there are two ways of mounting it.

If you plan on going short distances and the load your carrying isn’t too heavy, you can use the bungee cords and hook the bag on to the bike. But if you are travelling far and the bag is packed to the brim, you can use the three mounting straps to fasten the bag firmly to the motorcycle. But for added safety and so that the bag doesn’t budge at all while cornering and at high speeds, I used both the bungees and the mountings straps to fasten the bag firmly to the pillion seat.

All throughout my 700km journey from Goa back to Mumbai, the straps held the tail pack in place and it did the job so well that at times I even forgot it was on. This was with the tail pack filled to brim.

It also comes with a shoulder strap so that you can use it as a bag when it’s not mounted on the motorcycle. Overall it’s a nice tail pack to have and the Rynox Hawk isn’t too expensive either at just Rs. 2,999.

Where to Buy: http://www.rynoxgears.com

Price: Rs. 2,999

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