5 Things To Know About Ducati Monster Series

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The Italian bike manufacturer, Ducati is renowned for fiercely stylish, sporty and aggressive bikes and its Monster series is the most aggressive naked bike series ever introduced. The manufacturer is into the production of Monster from 1993 and since then the series have been the center of attraction of many bike enthusiasts across the globe. The buzz for Ducati Monster is always around and here are five exclusive things about the series that the bike enthusiasts should know about their favourite series.

1) Impressive Designing Cues:

5 Things To Know About Ducati Monster Series

All the legendary components that have contributed in making the Monster Series one of its kind is quite evident from the first glance. The TFT dashboard with front and rear lights gives an enchanting impression. The brushed metal details further accentuate the overall design in an effective manner. The racing-derived frame is evolved by using the engine as a stressed element. The shock absorber and rear subframe are connected to the engine which further contributes in improving the overall performance of the bike. The Monster series comes with adjustable seat (± 25 mm) that best suits the requirements of an individual. The Y-pattern 3-spoke machined wheels further emphasized the sporty character of Monster in an efficacious manner.

2) Fierce Engine:

5 Things To Know About Ducati Monster Series

The Monster series is equipped with a Testastretta 11 DS engine, which is available in two different power variants. The dual spark ignition ensures complete combustion of fuel and a secondary air system has been incorporated just like in the Panigale which ensure optimise operation and reduce cyclic combustion without affecting the emissions of the bike. The power output varies between 99.3 – 106.6 kW while peak torque varies between 118 – 124.5 Nm. In addition to this what makes Monster completely unique in the segment is its three riding modes which are governed by Ride-by-wire (RbW) system. This electronic system helps in delivering the most optimal power response according to the mode selected by the rider.

3) Tailored Ergonomics:

5 Things To Know About Ducati Monster Series

The highly competent structure is a result of a completely resized body structure of Monster Series and its ergonomics  designed to offer maximum versatility. The distinctive fuel tank is purely Monster type and gives a unique appeal to the overall styling. Further, the metal construction and well-sculpted knee panels add a solid feel to the Monster.

4) Three Riding Modes:

5 Things To Know About Ducati Monster Series

Ducati Monster is an epitome of advanced technology. The rider can choose from three riding modes which include Urban Touring and Sport. The Urban mode is designed to manoeuvre the bike in city roads, whereas its touring mode can be used while cruising over highways and its Sports mode is for awakening the senses of the rider.

5) Nimble Response:

The Monster Series is specially designed for hardcore bike enthusiasts and the ones who has the zeal to handle a powerful and sporty bike can opt one from the series. The front suspensions comprise Ohlins fully adjustable 48 mm USD forks while the rear suspension is a progressive linkage with fully adjustable Ohlins mono shock, which ensures to give a smooth and hassle free ride. The nimble response of the bike is a result of the wet multiple clutch with hydraulic control and significant gear ratio.

These are some of the impressive features of the Monster Series that makes it an exclusive series in the market. For the ones who need a 3-in-1 bike then Monster Series is just the right bike for you. Monster Series can beat some of the fastest sports bikes in the market and therefore Ducati has claimed it to be the most aggressive naked series in the segment.

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