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  • KTM Duke 200 General Features

    • Engine Displacement(cc)
      200 cc
    • Average
      35 Kmpl
    • Stroke
      49 mm
    • Starting Type
      Self Start
    • Wheel Type

      Front :-17 inch,

      Rear :-17 inch

  • KTM Duke 200 Standard Features

    • Fuel Capacity
      10.5 Ltrs
    • Maximum Power
      25 bhp @ 10000 rpm
    • Engine Type
      Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke, Liquid Cooled

KTM Duke 200 Overview

The world has seen KTM, the Austrian bike manufacturer, prove its mettle with their naked and off-road bikes. KTM 200 Duke is one such bike, which made its way to India, one of the world's biggest motorcycle markets, on January 24, 2012 as it became the first naked/street bike in India. The KTM-Bajaj alliance made it very clear that it is not going to be a name which will be forgotten soon. So KTM-Bajaj has  priced competitively at Rs. 1,29,000, which is an affordable price tag for a 200 cc naked bike. The best thing about this KTM bike is that is gives you more power than the current available normal 200 cc bikes available in the Indian market. The monster engine of this bike can generate a whooping 25bhp of maximum power and 19.2Nm of peak torque amount. Besides being a performance bike, the 200 Duke scores high in the design and style as it looks more sporty, brawny, and robust with less amount of body panels. Till now the youngsters have shown a keen interest towards this bike and there have been a satisfactory performance from KTM 200 Duke in the market. This has prompted KTM-Bajaj alliance of going a step further, as by the mid of 2013 KTM 390 Duke will be also coming to India after it is first made available in the American and European Markets. Hence, soon the local buyers will have two great options for exploring the off roads. 

KTM Duke 200 Designing

KTM 200 Duke designing and styling is one such thing which we Indians had not seen earlier, considering the fact that Yamaha FZ too has got some naked bike looks. But, its the top of the class appeal of this bike which makes it more of a one of its kind bike. This bike is blessed with an attention grabbing headlamp, which does not't sport any visor for giving a slim and sleek look of the headlight on the front. Fort adding a macho feeling the bike is blessed with big and long telescopic forks, which are present on both the sides of a wider front tyre. KTM has kept a short and simple front mudguard which blends in perfectly with the overall masculine build of the bike at the front fascia. The cockpit of this bike gives you a royal feeling as KTM 200 Duke offers a multi-function cockpit, which keeps you up to date with the information about fuel consumption and the remaining range. The best thing about this multi-function cockpit is that the riders have got an option of adding their own individual style with the extensive KTM Power Parts. Keeping in mind the task of providing ample of space and freedom of movement, the 200 Duke has got good dimensional attributes. The gathered sitting position commits itself towards offering comfort and relaxing riding experience during touring and cornering. For ensuring the riders a total optimum control, stability, and balance, the company has kept large contact for the knees of the riders around the fuel tank.



KTM 200 Duke Appearance
When you think about what are the things which make KTM, a KTM, then probably appearance of this bike will be counted among them. The company has continued with similar appearance of the 125 Duke over the 200 Duke. The graphic job done over this bike which easily turns the heads in an instant, looks like a graffiti-themed skateboard park. The sharp and edgy bodywork provided by Gerald Ki ska appeals to the youngsters towards owning a bike which would bring you an awesome looking bike for scoring over girls who like boys riding stylish bikes. The more you look at this model more you will see a bike straight out of a Hollywood sci-fi movie with its big front telescopic forks and a rear swing arm which looks like a bridge grider. The designers have maintained a street-fighter look by sensibly putting up a wide fuel tank which also doubles up as a bikini fairing, the under-engine scoop which properly goes with the overall visuality of the rear tail end, and as you turn towards the side you will see the that wheelbase which embeds beyond the tail emf gives a true street-fighter look to the bike. The racing inspired mono-shock suspension system painted in white attracts the eyes of the viewers. KTM has done an exemplary job by taking away the conventional exhaust and as you look closely you will find it placed neatly right below the engine. This has been done not only for giving some top-of-the class appearance to this mean machine, but for also proving a better mass centralization.

Colors of KTM Duke 200 Engine & Performance

As we earlier stated that KTM 200 Duke is a performance bike, but it is more perfect in a way for those city commuters who easily touch the mark of 100 kmph. Thus, in order of providing such performance even in the city traffic the company fas fitted the 200 Duke with the state-of-the-art, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine similar to the 125 Duke, but a higher displacement value of 199.5 cc. Along with more displacement value, the 200 Duke has been fitted with a wide array of new elements like camshafts, bigger valves, air box, and a large piston. All of these changes in the engine compartment have resulted in churning out more power output of 25bhp at 10,000 rpm and peak torque amount of 19.2Nm at 8,000 rpm. The new camshafts present in the cylinder head set off the four valves with the help of cam levers, which are coated with an ultra-hard carbon for reduced friction release and increased power amount. The engine is mated perfectly with a 6-speed transmission which work fine with the wet multi-disc clutch and the brilliant torque output has resulted in reduced frequent gear shifting. The best thing which the riders will cherish while riding the 200 Duke is that the bike can be easily ridden in 6th gear at speeds as low as 30km/hr and it easily reaches the top speed of 136 kmph.


KTM 200 Duke Mileage

The fuel economy of the 200 Duke is quite satisfactory as with such huge amount of power this bike delivers a fuel efficiency in the range of 28-35 kmpl, depending on the way of riding. But, one can expect this figure to go up by 2-3 kmpl while riding on highways. Thus, on an over all this bike delivers a respectable amount of mileage despite its powerful performance attitude.

KTM Duke 200 Braking & Handling

Talking about a street fighter bike, its mainly the braking mechanism which define a true street fighter bike. Thus, for making the 200 Duke a complete street fighter, the company has equipped the bike with a first class braking mechanism. This braking mechanism comprises of dual disc brakes at both the front and rear ends. The front tyre has been greeted with a 280 mm disc and a 230 mm wide disc has been deployed on the rear tyre. Thus, the company has paid special amount of attention towards ensuring that riders of a safe ride with complete control on this beast. These brakes prove their worthiness brilliantly over both wet and muddy tracks. The instant braking at greater speeds is not such a big problem when you have got a top of the class braking mechanism.


KTM has maintained the same level of attention towards providing the rider and the pillion with a top level of comfortability and stability for delivering a superb handling in the end. The main power working behind this wonderful handling is the wide rear tyre and a longer wheelbase of 1367 mm. As this bike is equipped with very less amount of body fairing and has got a lightweight rear swing arm, you will find an extra stability which will boost up your confidence at high speeds. The marvelous handling has made steering this bike in city traffic quite easy for the riders, which in return makes it more nimble and tough while cornering. The bike has got a good ground clearance of 165 mm and the bike easily gulps down any pothole.

KTM Duke 200 Safety Features

Along with an impeccable braking mechanism KTM 200 Duke has got an applaud able set of suspension forks. For ensuring the rider and the pillion a jerk free ride experience over certified bad Indian tracks, the company has fitted wide telescopic upside down forks shock absorber at the front tyre. While on the other hand you will find a racing inspired mono-shock absorber under the seat for the rear tyre. This perfect combination of modern day suspension mechanism ensures of total safety to the passengers while touring or offraoding. Thus, the scope of jolts and jerks has been reduced to almost negligible levels due to the presence of these shock absorbers.

KTM Duke 200 Pros

Stunning and striking appearance which will take your breath away, powerful engine, superb braking and handling, affordable price tag

KTM Duke 200 Cons

Cheap hard grips, no scope for underseat storage.

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KTM Duke 200 Review

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  • KTM Duke-200
    a single word... Awesome - By Yatender Singh from Bangalore 2014-04-17

    awesome bike... bought 2 months ago already done 2000Km without any problem... superb performance .. whenever you release gas , numbers get added more and more in speedometer... you will never know how fast you are going.. with superb handling without vibration at high speed even 135Km/hour it make no vibration... whenever you will accelerate ... all others will left behind for sure... awesome bike read more

  • KTM Duke-200
    nery bad bike - By jjjj 2013-03-29

    I bought it first of all fork goes to the right at speed of around 35 to 50.whole bike seems like going to right and seems to be on edge of skidding off .who the hell made this bike worst i have ever bought read more

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