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22nd April, 2015: Honda introduced Activa 3G a few months back, which is the third generation model of the most renowned scooter Activa. The scooter is powered by the same 109.2cc mill and claims a mileage of about 60kmpl. The scooter remains the same throughtout just a few changes on the badging has changed. It is the same old scooter that has been celebrated from so many years now. It is offered in the following colors: Black, Lusty Red Metallic, Trance Blue Metallic, Geny Grey Metallic and Pearl Amazing White.

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Honda Activa


Honda Activa OverView

Honda has launched the third generation model of its most consumed scooter- Activa . The scooter was introduced in Indian more than a decade ago and today it is claimed to be the most consumed and celebrated scooter of the nation. It is still powered by the same engine and remains to be the king of hearts in India. Honda Activa 3G with its immense goodwill is offered at a competitive price. There are so many competitors yet Activa remains at the top because of its strong roots. 

Honda Activa houses a 109.2cc, air-cooled, 4-stroke, SI engine. The motor is designed to churn out a maximum power of 8bhp and a peak torque of 8.83Nm. The scooter claims a mileage of around 60kmpl that helps it impress more people. The mileaeg is assisted with a fuel tank capacity of 5.3 liter. 

With a kerb weight of just 108kg, the scooter remains friendly for all types of people. Honda Activa has been designed to cater every type of people whether tall or short, etc. The seat height of the scooter is also very low, i.e., 765mm with a minimum ground clearance of 153mm and wheelbase of 1238mm.


Honda Activa Designing

The design of Honda Activa 3G is truly a marvel. It has been made keeping the comforts and ease of the riders as the top-most priority. Starting with the front, the flat and spacious foot-board paired with a well-cushioned and large seat allows even the tallest of drivers to sit quite comfortably without having to bend their legs even in the slightest. Plus, the perfect height of handlebars and rider-seat in combination with an easily reachable handle ensures that the driver is able to maintain quite an upright and relaxed posture all the time and does not have to experience any kind of stress or difficulties even while driving through a bumpy road. Talking about tackling the difficult Indian streets, the Activa is fully armed to do that. Carved out of a tough metal instead of a flimsy plastic material, the body of this Honda scooter can take on a road in even the most terrible of conditions giving a smooth and fun drive to its riders and a longer lifetime to the scooter.

This sturdy body possessing a dimension of 1761mm x 710mm x 1149mm has been built upon a High Rigidity Underbone frame. And besides providing a fairly wide ground clearance of 145mm and a long wheelbase of 1238mm, this framework has been cleverly styled to supply a lot of storage space as well. An optional inner box that can be installed below the handlebars on personal demand, a standard storage box under the seat with a capacity of 18 litres and a hook below the seat in the front gives the users of Activa the best storage facilities that they are likely to get in a two-wheeler today. Besides all of this, the CLIC (Convenient Lift-up Independent Cover) mechanism that enables the whole rear cover to be lifted up as a single unit makes maintenance, servicing and repairing a very easy feat.
Honda Activa 3G Appearance
In looks , there is no beating the Activa. Honda 3G designers have done a great job there. Considering the fact that Activa 3G is as popular a choice amongst youngsters as it is amongst adults, the stylists have crafted a shell that is stylish and fashionable but doesn't look very flashy or loud. With the front facade resembling that of the mighty Honda Aviator, Activa has received a very sleek yet prominently curved body. Every view, whether it is the front, the side or the rear, is a blend of sharp edges, smart curves, bold lines and a lean outline which gives the scooter a very classy and upmarket feel.

Engine And Performance

The original model of Honda Activa 3G rolled out in 2000 was fueled by a 102cc four stroke engine that was upgraded to a 109 cc version in the 2009 revamp. Now capable of churning out a peak 7.89bhp at 7500rpm for a maximum of 8.82Nm torque produced at 5500rpm, this air-cooled, 4-stroke, single-cylinder OHC engine does not compromise on the fuel-economy for an enhanced power output. On the contrary, the new Activa mill delivers a straight 15% increase in mileage as compared to its predecessor. To work in harmony with this brilliant motor, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India have employed a V-matic transmission mechanism, a Viscous paper air filter to reduce the maintenance demands and a proficient suspension system. The suspension system is composed of a Bottom Link mechanism for the front wheel and a Unit Swing mechanism for the rear wheel both coupled to a Spring Loaded Hydraulic Damper for better absorption of pothole jerks.

Honda Activa Mileage
Giving a direct boost of 15% to the previous rating of mileage, the latest model of Honda Activa delivers a fuel-economy of 60kmpl which is a very impressive figure for a scooter. And fitted with a fuel-tank of 5.3 litres means that once you get a fill-up done. This makes Honda Activa the most economical and practical option amongst the whole line-up of automatics in the native scooter market.

Braking And Handling

Honda Activa Braking And Handling

The braking mechanism forms a vital part of every vehicle be it a scooter, a motorcycle, car or anything for that matter. The safety of the passengers of a vehicle relies first and foremost on a sound braking system and that is what makes it the top concern for vehicle designers. Keeping the same in mind, Honda have blessed their flagship scooter with a new and more promising braking technology that was developed in the factory of Honda itself. Named as Combi Brakes or Combination Brakes, this technology combines the front and the rear brakes into a single unit so that both can be applied together by pressing a single lever, thereby reducing the braking distance and increasing the safety levels.

After the technology working behind the system, it is the actual parts that are making the braking system work and that is the brakes themselves. For both the front as well as the rear wheel, Drum brakes with a diameter of 130mm have been employed by the makers of Activa. Where handling is concerned, Activa has never given a chance of complaint to its riders. It has always been known for its easy, neutral and stable handling and now, that characteristic gets even better with the introduction of a seating structure that allows the driver to have a much more comfortable and relaxed posture resulting in superior handling.

Safety Features

When it comes to safety, Honda never takes chances. The newly devised technique of Combi Brakes is the biggest proof of that. Besides providing an advanced and improved braking mechanism, the Honda designers have added a set of 90/100 – 10 inch tyres for the front and rear wheels that provide a good road grip to assist in efficient braking. And no ordinary tyres they are. Fitted with Tuff-Up tubes, these tyres are simply not made to get flat. Even if a nail penetrates the tube, it won't be able to flatten the tyre owing to the anti-puncture sealant gel that oozes out and solidifies to seal the gap around the nail thereby sealing the hole. With that, Honda has reduced the risk of a flat tyre in Activa by an impressive 70%.

What more is new in this Activa is the anti-theft Key Shutter that enhances the security of the vehicle manifold. Plus, the 12V electricals maintain a continuous stream of power to the 35W halogen lamp for a bright and uninterrupted illumination at night. Apart from all this, a grab-rail coated in silver is fitted at the rear end that makes for a secure but stylish grab for the pillion rider.


Honda Activa Colors




Good looks, neutral handling, tuff-up tubes and sturdy build.


Long waiting periods and no central locking system.

Honda Activa Review

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  • Honda Activa-Activa
    wonderful experience - By Rashid Khan from Gurgaon 2014-12-10

    its very nice scoter very comfort and easy to derive read more

  • Honda Activa-Activa
    for milage - By Santosh kumar rai from Ghazipur U.P. 2014-12-03

    Honda company sy 60 km/ltr milage for haonda activa 109 cc but actual milage on road 30 35 km/ltr so may i request for honda company tell the people actual milage read more

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