Hero MotoCorp HF Deluxe

Hero MotoCorp HF Deluxe

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The Hero MotoCorp HF Deluxe proves itself a worthy competitor with its more synchronous styling, which is like icing on the HF-Dawn, more added modern equipment found in executive bikes like electric starter and alloy wheels and the typical build quality reminiscent of any Hero product, excellent ride quality, minimal maintenance, maximum possible resale value and mile-munching fuel efficiency clinches the final deal for anybody looking out for a motorcycle in this class. At Rs.38,700 for the kick-spoke version, going till Rs.42,500 for the self-alloy variant, this bike proves itself credential for those who want a bit more from the bare-bones HF-Dawn, but do not wish the premium for taking a Splendor to their porch. And this makes it too hard to ignore, considering the buyers of this segment consider only the parameters in which Hero scores by a fair margin.

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* Hero MotoCorp HF Deluxe Prices shown here are indicative prices only. The Hero MotoCorp HF Deluxe Ex-Showroom price range displays the lowest approximate price of Hero MotoCorp HF Deluxe bike model throughout India excludes tax, registration, insurance and cost of accessories. For exact prices of Hero MotoCorp HF Deluxe, please contact the Hero MotoCorp HF Deluxe dealer.

Hero MotoCorp HF Deluxe


Back in the golden times of 1980s, there were days when the nature was cleaner and greener, petrol used to be billed at Rs.13 per litre and thus 2-stroke high performance bikes used to roar on the streets. But then, the 21st century came, and thus came the adverse scenarios. High pollution level in atmosphere, sky-rocketing fuel prices and pocket-consciousness of Indian middle class have urged the bike manufacturers to pay more attention towards mass manufacturing of motorcycles which burn less greenery from the pocket of consumer as well as environment, for nature lovers. All the bike makers have lured the consumers in the recent years, and Hero has always been Numero Uno in this race, all thanks to their tried and tested line-up which sell like hot cakes, with every third bike on the Indian roads sporting the Hero/Hero Honda branding. In spite of growing stiff and technologically more advanced competitors and the parting of Honda from the venture, Hero still managed to find a sure footing in the 100cc commuter segment. One of the major credits for this goes to the bike described here – Hero MotoCorp HF Deluxe.


Hero MotoCorp HF Deluxe Designing

Hero MotoCorp HF Deluxe, previously known as CD-Deluxe, was introduced as the successor to Hero’s flame burner, CD100. It was given the task of carrying forward the legacy of CD100 to the next level, which was losing its shine and ageing in the face of modern competition like Platina, StarCity and its own sibling, Splendor. So, gone was the conservative rectangular styling of CD100 and in came a bit edgy styling, which although was billed as a “built to cost” product, but never felt so. Being the second most economical Hero, it carries the styling of its junior, HF-Dawn, to a notch higher. With the urban middle-class commuter kept in mind, the design was given a modern touch with the introduction of some interesting bits like the bikini fairing around the halogen headlamp, sharp tank design with good knee recesses, alloy grab rail at rear for the pillion rider, and some contemporary graphics on the body panels. One can easily notice the chrome shield on its silencer too, which is missing on the HF-Dawn. Though the fuel lid is still not hinged on the tank, as expected. All in all, it is nothing but a disguised HF-Dawn, which was given some new clothing to attend a Saturday Night Party. The instrument cluster too is a stepped up version of that of the HF-Dawn, which possess an analogue speedometer, odometer and basic tell-tale lights, along with the addition of fuel gauge and some garish graphics on the meter panels. The addition of the now industry standards like greyish alloy wheels and electric starter give HF-Deluxe the much needed bells and whistles, which an urban rider looks in for. On the practical front, this machine has a lot of storage spaces which include a utility box, side panel, under seat storage space and a bag hook at rear. These additional changes over HF-Dawn make it much more desirable and a better buy over the latter. The build quality is typically Hero, robust and made to last, which is appreciable considering the basicness of segment.

Engine And Performance

Hero MotoCorp HF Deluxe Engine And Performance

Hero commuters have always been famous for their fabulous engines and HF-Deluxe is not an exception. As found in HF-dawn, the Hero MotoCorp HF Deluxe sports a Honda sourced kick/self-started 97.2 cc air-cooled, single cylinder, carburetted four-stroke mill, which is healthy enough to generate 7.8 bhp of power at 7500 rpm and a maximum torque of 8.04 Nm at 4500 rpm. The slight alteration in this engine over HF-Dawn is quite noticeable, with a quicker arrival of power and torque for better bottom end grunt. The mid range performance of this bike is commendable too, with a good amount of refinement even at high rpms. Though not a necessary parameter for this machine, the 0-60 kmph run is achieved in a slow, but respectable 10 seconds, considering its competitors are also in the same league. The engine is mated to a 4 speed constant mesh gearbox , with the Hero’s standard all shift-up pattern. The gearbox too provides adequate smooth shifting in traffic situations, making it less tedious for the rider. The engine maxes out at the top speed of 90 kmph, making it a commendable city ride.


Hero MotoCorp HF Deluxe Mileage

Talking about the fuel-efficiency, this is the arena where this puny Hero scores massively. The HF-Deluxe performs this job with brilliance, managing to return 65 kmpl in city and 74 kmpl in highway, giving an overall efficiency of a high 68 kmpl. 

Braking And Handling

Ride comfort is the second most important priority asked for in this segment, and Hero knows this well too. With providing a larger surface area of the seat, Hero has ensured comfortable seating position with good cushioning for two full sized adults for both city traffic and highway jaunts. The chassis of Hero MotoCorp HF Deluxe is of tubular double cradle type, which makes the bike light-weight at just 112 kilos. The segment default upright seating posture with a raised handlebar, forward set foot-pegs and efficiently sized knee recesses on the fuel tank puts the rider in his comfort zone and aids in good direction changes. The suspension, though a basic setup of telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers at front and 2 step adjustable hydraulic coil springs at rear, provide adequate firmness to the overall ride. The actual functionality of rear shock absorbers is that it can be adjusted according to the need of the rider so as to provide a comfort free ride along with the option of setting up a stiffer suspension while carrying heavy loads on the bike. This, adding to the high ground clearance of 165 mm and a wheelbase of 1235 mm, ensures you to glide over potholes with ease.

Safety Features

15 April, 2015: The popular entry-level commuter- Hero MotoCorp HF-Deluxe is one of the most selling motorcycles in India. It houses the iconic 97.2cc, 4-stroke, horizontal engine, which has been retuned to enhance the performance upto 8.25bhp. The bike has almost every standard feature of a basic motorcycle along with some optional features like alloy wheels and electric start, which costs additionally. Latest addition to the fleet is HF-Deluxe ECO, which uses the techniques of reducing air drag and road friction to save on the fuel expenses. The company has also introduced a new feature to the range, christened as side stand indicator to enhance the safety level.


Smooth engine, fuel-efficiency, price.


Uninspired styling, lack of modern equipments.

Hero MotoCorp HF Deluxe Review

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    Best Mileage - By Manoj Pandit from Jpr 2015-05-05

    My hf deluxe gives 86kmpl. read more

  • Hero MotoCorp HF Deluxe-Alloy-Self Start
    on road price - By baikunth from bhilwara 2014-04-07

    we visit the dealer of hero, for HERO HF DELUXE price is more than actual price on net, show room price = 44058 insurance = 1394 rto = 2574 other = 575 TOTAL = 48601 kindly confirm the rate . , read more


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