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Overview : December 20,2012 :

The latest to happen on Bajaj Discover front is Discover 100 4G has made a new record of sales. The last launches from Discover were first the Discover 100 4G and then came Discover 125 ST. What can be called the adrenaline-pumping news from Discover is a fresh launch in 100 cc segment in the year 2013. Rumors say this 100 cc bike would be built on the platform of 125 ST.

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Review of Bajaj Discover

Bajaj Discover OverView

Bajaj Discover OverView

Bajaj Discover has been filling the gap that Bajaj Pulsar left. With Discover series of bike, Bajaj discovered the commuter segment in a new way. A segment that highly left unattended to for a quite while by most of the two wheeler manufacturers, was finally appeased by Bajaj Discover series of bikes. And not only appeased, with the kind of technology that Bajaj used in its Discover series, the segment was more than pleased. Currently Bajaj produces four variants under Discover series, Discover 150, Discover Discover 125 ST, Discover 125, and Discover 100.

With the launch of all these many Discover series bikes, Bajaj once again proved that when it comes to innovation and research and development, it is always a leader. All the Discover bikes come with some or the other fresh and new technology or designing with it. And the love and success that this range has achieved prove these bikes to be the best in-class, fuel efficient, good performance, affordable prices are some of the headlines about this series of bike.

Bajaj launched the first bike under Discover in the year 2004, and has been tasting since then; though no doubt, there have been on and off questions on the durability of these bikes, but the manufacturer has well faced and answered all questions. The first Bajaj Discover bike was brought with a 125 cc engine. Next came a 112 cc machine in the year 2005, a bike for which the company claimed a mileage as smart as 101 kmpl.

Second to Pulsar, Bajaj brought its patented Exhaus-tec and six spoke alloy wheels in Discover series of bikes. Yet another technology that was uptil now limited to Pulsars, DTS-i was brought to Discover bikes as well. The year 2005 saw a refurbished Discover. Newly styled with fresh graphics, more comfortable now, with better technologies, this new Discover was a super hit in the Indian commuter bike segment. Discover 135 cc, launched in 2007, quite a powerful bike, could not work as well as it was expected to. It was not received too well by the consumers and around 2 years later the production was put to still. However, Bajaj launched itself back in the commuter segment afresh with 100 cc DTS-si bike, which went on to win hearts. Soon was brought another version of this bike with an 150 cc powered engine, while stopping 135 cc variant at the same time. The earlier 125 cc Discover was revamped and brought to the market yet again in 2011. A turning point, a time that the two wheeler manufacturer would never forget, was in the year 2012 when Bajaj Discover 125 ST and Bajaj Discover 100 4G were launched, both of which few of the most-wanted category of bikes.

The Discover series have won and still continue to win hearts with its highly fuel efficient engine, though there are none of the sophisticated technologies that Pulsars are known for. Bajaj has gifted the Discover series with DTS-i technology, which helps in complete combustion and gives the maximum power, thus leading to better mileage. This also helps in lower pollution emissions. Not to be ignored is the fact that Bajaj was the first two wheeler manufacturer to bring 4 valved DTS-i engine to any commuter segment bike, whereas the traditional commuter segment bikes come with only 2 valves. The 4 valve DTS-i engine revs up lot faster and smoother, gives a power of 13 HP, something as yet unheard of in commuter segment two wheelers. ExhausTEC, which stands for Torque Expansion Chamber, allows easy riding at lower speeds and higher gears, which helps a great deal against regular gear shifting. It also gives high maximum torque. For the time, yet again, Bajaj brings rear monoshock in the commuter segment. This has made commuter segment move around with a rather easy ridability, handling, and suspension, minimizing the jerks. Then there are petal disc brakes, that reduce the gyroscopic effect, thus making it easier to turn even at the curviest of bends. Bajaj has brought something very new to Discover series of bikes, corrugated engine fins. Thanks to corrugated engine fins, there is a 28% improved heat dissipation, which in turn increases the power level by almost 15%.

This was all about the technological built of Bajaj Discover. However, the thing that India bothers about when it comes to locomotives is mileage and fuel efficiency. Kitna deti hai is the first question India shoots when planning for any vehicle, two wheeler or four wheeler does not matter. However, this is something that would differ model to model, variant to variant in sync with other specs, though, if the bike comes from the brand Bajaj, one can be assured of the best mileage and highly fuel efficient bikes, even in the commuter segment. With so much to brag about, Bajaj can easily claim to have perfected the art of deriving the best mileage of all its machines. Take Bajaj Discover 150, and you get an “Oh my God! Bring it on!” mileage of 55 kmpl, and then if you ride it really well on highways it will return you “Freaks!” mileage of 58-60 kmpl. The sports tourer, Discover 125 ST, gets a huge attention not just for the looks, but also for its performance, it fetches you a mileage of a whooping 50 kmpl while driving in cities, while the mileage is absolutely unimaginable at 60 kmpl when on highways. And you probably wont believe us when we tell you that Discover 125 gives 55 kmpl on traffic laden city roads, while it can as well go 65+ kmpl on highways. Discover 100 4G comfortably claims for a mileage of 65 kmpl on city roads and 76 kmpl on the smooth highways. Discover leaves no stone unturned when it is about the bike series performance, same goes for acceleration and pick up of all the bikes of this series. Discover 100 4G can reach the top speed of 60 kmph in a time span of 8.52 seconds, reaching a maximum speed of 88 kmph, while Discover 125 ST reaches 85 kmph, with the top speed being 105 kmph. Discover 150, though a commuter segment bike, is no small bike. As we rode it on, it took no time to reach 70-80 kmph; also, with achieving a top speed of 115 kmph, this bike has got power enough to reach from a standstill position to 60 kmph in around 6 seconds.


Bajaj Discover Designing

Bajaj Discover Designing

Being commuter segment bikes, Bajaj Discover series of bikes are the most e looking bikes. However, since commuter segment bikes serve most of the India, and still have been left quite unattended to, Bajaj has put in a lot of effort to highlight the profit share of this segment as well. Bajaj has put in quite a few latest technologies and gadgets. The size of the series is very comfortable, on an average, the bike is around 118 kg, with the average ground clearance being 165 mm. Even though we are talking of commuter segment, we can talk of alloy wheels even here. Bajaj makes the commuter segment feel luxuriously smart and attractive with the alloys wheels. Bajaj Discover 125 ST, though a Discover series of bike, is much like a Pulsar in looks and performance as well. This one has been so designed that it gives enough space to spread out your knees. The average height of Discover series of bikes is around 800 mm, which is comfortable enough for an average height Indian rider. None of the Discover range of bikes is too heavy to handle, the average weight being 118 kg. All the bikes have been designed with comfort in mind, giving the perfect handle height, so as not to let you bend too low or steep too high to gain an easy riding position.


Bajaj Discover Appearance

The Bajaj Discover range of bikes appear really small in size. Discover series has been blessed with latest style features, which in a way give it a fresh sporty look, though this series features in commuter segment. The sharp edged headlights ooze a oomph, shining bright in the night. Racing style alloy wheels, not to forget the y-shaped spokes on the alloy wheels of Discover 125 ST that are prize winners and almost a surprise, digital meters, large tank shrouds, racer tank spoilers fitted with turn indicators all scheme together bent to make it stand tall next to upper end sports bike. Quite enough help is given by the rubber tray guard, angular twin pod consoles, swing arm pivot section, along with the various color combinations with black to make it look like Mr. Sauve, walking the ramp. Other colors like yellow with green, Purple pink, complete blue, complete black, black and green, etc. add the jazzy feel to it. To accessorise the looks are the dapper there are LED tail lights, fuel tank with spoilers, LCD digital console,which includes tachometer, fuel gauge with reserve fuel indicator, electric start, etc.

Bajaj Discover Engine And Performance

Bajaj Discover Engine And Performance

Digital twin spark ignition technology, better known as DTS-i, helps in increased combustion, which leads to enhanced power and mileage as well. Not just enhancing power, it also lowers down the emission, creating lesser pollution. Bajaj can proudly claim to have given one of the best bike engine technologies to Discover series of bikes. All Discover bikes have a very agile engine, which just wants to lurk forward. The valves, with greater intake and exhaust, effectively help in increased power, since the valves are light weight, which easily revvs up the bike. ExhausTEC, a Bajaj patent technology, gives huge torque digits, and also frees you of regular gear shifting.


Bajaj Discover Mileage

Mileage is one field where Bajaj can brag and boast till dawn. Mileage of every bike would differ with the kind of specifications loaded on to it. However, one thing that remains constant about mileage of Bajaj bikes is the word “high.” Bajaj Discover 125 ST returns you a mileage of 50 kmpl and 60 kmpl while riding the city roads and highways, respectively. This would reach 85 kmph at a top speed of 105 kmph. Discover 150, the highest cc bike in the Discover series, can touch the top speed of 115 kmph, can reach 60 kmph in approximately 6 seconds. Discover 100 4G, proving itself to be highly fuel efficient, returns with a mileage of 65 kmpl on city roads and highway mileage stands to be 76 kmpl. This machine can easily accelerate to 60 kmph in a mere 8.52 seconds with the top speed being 88 kmph. Discover 125 on a city road will buckle up 55 kmpl and 65 above kmpl on smooth highways.

Bajaj Discover Braking And Handling

Bajaj Discover Braking And Handling

All Discover bikes come well grounded. The tyres move smooth. With 240 mm disc brake at the front and 130 mm at the rear in Discover 150; petal disc brakes of 200 mm at the front and 130 mm drum brakes at the rear of Discover 125 ST; 200 mm disc or 130 mm drum at the front and 130 mm drum at the rear of Discover 125; drum brakes measuring 130 mm and 110 mm at front and rear, respectively, in Discover 100 4G, Discover stops and slows down with a smoothness to it, over all giving a refined movement.

Bajaj Discover Colors

Bajaj Discover Colors

It's not just the braking, suspension, performance, mileage, etc. to give Bajaj Discover bike user a feel good factor. The color choices are equally peppy. For example there is yellow-green combination, or pink and purple combined with black, blue black combination, red and black combination, total blue or total red, black and green combination, to paint the roads with colors!

Bajaj Discover Pros

Auto Choke: this is something highly innovative from Bajaj which allows a total choke operation, automatically.
Ride Control Switch.
Mileage could not have been better.
Comfortable for rider and pillion both.
Extremely affordable prices.

Bajaj Discover Cons

Bajaj Discover bikes lack durability, thus trust of many consumers. Also, the so-called “good looks” are just missing from Discover bikes, and for a reason though. Sometimes, it might seem to shiver.

Bajaj Discover Review

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  • Bajaj Discover-135cc DTSi
    Bajaj 100T bike - By Sanjay Tripathi from Nagda 2014-01-11

    Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sanjay Tripathi (9617774477) here. Really 100T is worth its value. Nice ride, excellent shockups brilliant looks and design. DONT's -- In Winters, bike starts in one kick provided kick is applied without racing the accelerator. Average should be considered after atleast first three services. Remember,1.6 Litres is unusable reserve and 3.5 litres is usable reserve. That means atleast 5 liters petrol is needed to before using. Rest is all OK enjoy ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 read more

  • Bajaj Discover-100M
    Discover 100M - By amultamboli from Shirpur 2014-01-04

    Its the best value for money and most attractive one also. I went to showroom to purchase another bike, but when I rode 100M and saw the specifications, I decided to purchase it. The engine is smooth with no jerks on any road. The rear nitrox shockups are the best one..I can recommend this bike to any one who wants the real value for his money and the best and latest bike in the market. Rest, every one is free to take his decision..... read more

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    The Pune based automaker and third largest two-wheeler manufacturer in India, Bajaj Auto aims to sell more than 4 million vehicles within the current fiscal year (1st October 2013 to 30th September 2014). In an interaction with a television channel on Thursday, Mr. Rajiv Bajaj, Managing Director, Bajaj Auto said, “In terms of overall numbers, motorcycles plus three-w...

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