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Hyosung Gt

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13 June 2012: One of the most-awaited bikes of the year, Hyosung GT 250R, has been launched a few minutes back in Trident, Mumbai. This is the first launch from Hyosung after its break up with Garware and merger with the DSK group. With this launch, the competition in 200-250 cc segments rises a notch up. The latest Hyosung bike is almost the same as GT650R, just a bit smaller. It is being tagged as the best looking bike in 250 cc segment bikes in India. It has been well sculpted and given the hottest of all looks. With all its features, this “small” bike is standing tall in the competition. And with a price tag of 2.75 lacs, this warrior will be a sure hit among the enthusiasts.

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Hyosung Gt Bikes

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Hyosung Gt


This review of Hyosung GT is made based on the pros and cons, the machine’s description, models available, mileage offered on highway and within the city, the color variants, acceleration and pick up, overall appearance of the bike, comfort that it provides, overall dimensions, engine, wheels and tyres, suspension, handling and control. 


Both the variants of Hyosung GT series are effortlessly designed to perfection. Hyosung GT250 R runs on a 249cc  75 degree V-twin 8-valves, DOHC engine which is air and oil cooled and delivers a maximum power of 27.6BHP at 10,000rpm and a peak torque of 22.07Nm at 8000rpm. 5-speed gearbox is embedded with the top speed of 160 kmph. The bike runs on petrol with fuel consumption of 24-25kmpL in a city and 28-29kmpL on a highway while Hyosung GT 650R comes with a  647cc, 4-stroke, DOHC, 8 valve, 90-degree V-twin engine that is liquid cooled and delivers a maximum power of 72.68BHP at 9000rpm and a peak torque of 60.9Nm at 7500RPM. Transmission is 6 speed manual with the top speed of 210kmph. The bike runs on petrol with fuel consumption of 17-18kmpL in a city and 20-22kmpL when on a highway.


Every segment of the Hyosung GT series is examined carefully and to wrap it up before the actual review, GT series is a 100% sport machine group, they are not tamed at all which is fabulous. Power is more than enough with some questions on performance. The show stopper however is the amazing looks. Pricing is definitely an issue but once you ride it, your heart is bound to skip a beat or two for sure. 


Hyosung Gt Designing


GT 650R:

Dimensions: 2095mm X 700mm X 1135mm. Weight: 215kg

GT 250R

Dimensions: 2095 mm X 700 mm X 1135mm. Weight: 177kg

The 250 variant is similar in dimensions with its elder brother, which makes it way huger than its competitions and way more muscular too. 


The broad alloy wheels make it look very sporty and aggressive. The tyres present are radial and tubeless. The front and rear rim size is 17 inches while the wheelbase provided is 1445mm.  This leads to excellent grip on the road and safer transport along even at high speeds. 

When it comes to looks, both the brothers in the form of beasts are very similar in looks. One thing that one cannot fail to notice in Hyosung GT 650R is how uncanningly similar it looks to the legendary Suzuki Hayabusa but unlike the huge Hayabusa this one Is relatively compact. The headlights are vertical while the visor is huge and so the dual intake vents look highly purposeful. The bike is really muscular with many cuts all across the body, literally!! The 17-L fuel tank looks humungous which it actually isnt. One can hardly notice the six spoke alloys thanks to the massive twin floating disk brakes in the front. The exhaust is huge and chains exposed, to add to the aggressive stance the rear seat is raised the perfect amount. The rear tail lamps are no less in terms of power and massive 160 section tyres decorate the rear wheel perfectly. The GT 250R variant differs just slightly from its elder brother being a little compact ( still bigger than its competitions) with 150 section tyres. One can easily say that Hysoung GT 250R is one of the best looking 250cc bikes in the world, if not the best.


One can get easily awstruck as soon as he/she sits on the Hyosung GT for the first time. Rider needs to lean forward because of the enormous tank of the Hyosung GT 650R and GT 250R which may look ultra-sporty but can hinder the comfort of the rider. One may take time to adjust on the ride when it comes to comfort. 

Engine And Performance

Hyosung Gt Engine And Performance

Mileage is one of the most important factors to look upon when operating in India doesn’t matter if it’s a regular economy bike, a tourer of an ultra sport bike like Hyosung GT for that matter of fact, mileage and fuel efficiency will still be a key. The higher order variant, the GT 650R can provide a fuel efficiency of 17-19kmpL while its younger brother GT 250R achieves an average of 24-25kmpL in the city. But these monsters are not meant to be tamed, are they? And so on the highways, where they actually belong, both the variants provide a mileage of 24-25kmpL (pretty impressive for 650cc) and 28-29kmpL, respectively. And with a massive fuel tank of 17L, one can cover a decent distance before a mandatory fill-up.


Hyosung GT series is integrated with advanced transmission system which can generate zipper acceleration and smooth pick-up in absence or any sort of loud vibrations to the bike. Hyosung GT 650R can reach 0-100 in 5.5 seconds while GT 250R can do the same in 9.6 seconds. GT 650R can clock in a maximum speed as high as 210kmph while GT 250R can reach a maximum of 160kmph.


Let us talk about GT 250R. Yes, the bike is bigger than its competitors but will its performance be superior as well? The answer to that question is being anticipated by everyone. The GTR 250R runs on a 249cc, 75-degree, V-twin, DOHC engine which uses 8-valves and air/oil-cooling. The maximum power provided is 27.6BHP at 10,000RPM while the peak torque reached is 22.07Nm at 8000RPM. Here, this bike fails to deliver as it climbs very quickly but the delivery is nothing even near to what one would expect with an engine like that. Apart from that the engine also feels a bit rough at some points of the power band. The bike feels unstable once past 8000RPM. GT 250R is fun but just not as swift as one would expect. The 5-speed gear-box is above average and one doesn’t need to put effort too many times to get going.

Hyosung GT 650R is much better under this specification. The 650cc V-twin produces 72BHP of power at a rather high 9000RPM and 60Nm of torque at 7500RPM. One can actually feel the smoothness of this motor as soon as the bike starts. A decent torque at low rpm shows no sign of exigency till 5000 rpm. The bike can reach as high as 136kmph in second gear, and once the redline is reached the smoothness just vanishes and the bike starts to GROWL!! One can easily feel vibrations inside the helmet!! GT 650R reaches 100kmph in just 5.5 seconds and can hit a top speed of 200kmph. The 6-speed gear box is insanely smooth and clutch is decently weighed.

Braking And Handling

The enormous weight of the bikes makes it a little tough to handle these monsters. Riding is a little harsh but overall decently comfortable and absorbs all the gifts in the form of bumps on the Indian roads. The ride is not as accurate as one might expect but it never lets you down on the corners. The tubular chassis make the machine nothing short of excellent and helps absorb rapid weight with ease. Brakes are excellent and bike will stop quicker than it took off. Hyosung GT 250R replicates its brother in many features. The front uses 110/70/17 tyres, while the rear features 150/70/17 tyres. The tyres are made by Shinko and provide the grip of a giant. The heavy weight of Hyosung GT 250R, of 180kg, does hinder the handing but not to a large extent. The bike is extremely firm after 100kmph mark being firm as a rock on the road. Turning radius is a bit too large and may not be apt for city transport. Braking is good and adjustable just like GT 650R with 300mm twin discs.


Accompanied by the muscle power is the sound and dynamic suspension system. The bike is a synonym of power and sound suspension absorbs maximum shock. The suspension system of the bike possess 410mm upside down telescopic, swingarm with progressive inkage hydralic mono shock absorber with preload adjustable technology. The bike glides freely on bumpy roads absorbing maximum shocks. 



Hyosung GT 650R comes in the sporty color combinations of black, white , red and orange while GT 250R comes in the color combinations of white, black, red and silver.



Hyosung GT 650R

* Appearance
* Performance
* Handling

Hyosung GT 250R

* Appearance
* Engine sound
* Twin projector headlights



Hyosung GT 650R

* Sensations
* Lack of popularity of brand
* Engine Heat

Hyosung GT 250R

* Performance

* Price 

Hyosung Gt Review

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  • Hyosung Gt-250R
  • Hyosung Gt-250R
    Hyosung Bikes from Indian buyer pont of view - By Praveen Kumar.S from Chennai 2012-03-04

    Heavier than Honda CBR 250 R but trustable one.As it is heavier it's stability will surely be top grade, being able to adjust it's pilion seat 3 way is cool.If priced comparatively, it is going to give honda and Yamaha a good competition.Having minusses typical of a Hyosung, I would have liked the weight going down;..yes it's of the same frame of the 650r, but engineers........you should have did something appreciable.But I appreciate double discs up front and good rear nd front looks.Karvray mototrs hav done a great job promoting you.Weel done, But just not it!! ... read more

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