Hero Honda Glamour Fi in India

Hero Honda Glamour Fi

[This variant is now discontinued.]

Hero Honda Glamour Fi

Hero Honda Glamour Models
Price: Rs 64,365*
4 out of 5 based on 497 Ratings
  • Hero Honda Glamour Fi General Features

    • Engine Displacement(cc)
      124.8 cc
    • Average
      60 kmpl
    • Stroke
      57.9 mm
    • Starting Type
      Self Start Only
    • Wheel Type


  • Hero Honda Glamour Fi Standard Features

    • Fuel Capacity
      12 litre
    • Maximum Power
      9.0@7000 BHP@RPM
    • Engine Type
      4Stroke SingleCylinder AirCooled OHC

Hero Honda Glamour Fi Designing

Lookwise, Hero Honda Glamour-Fi is not very much different to its base model Glamour. However, to give it a different face, the engineers placed a new logo and graphics on engine and black colour pattern. Hero Honda Glamour PGM Fi gets a LCD fuel gauge instead of the analogue one earlier with instantaneous fuel consumption display. In every ten seconds it will show that how much fuel the machine consumed.

Apart from this PMG-Fi system is equipped with malfunction indicator lamp that lights up if the sensors fail through sensors and providing input to the ECU (Electronic Control Unit). When bike knocks over, its ignition and fuel supply is being cut out by one of its very important safety feature i.e Bank Angle Sensor. The tank of Glamour-Fi is bigger than other bikes of its kind. The sides of the tails looks like it is adopted from former Ambition 135. The tail lamps are also perfectly designed, not too aggressive nor too plain.

As far as the comfortability is concerned, the bike possesd all. Comfortable sitting posture, space for knee recess, pillion rider's safety and so on. With the controls and safety measures, Hero Honda Glamour-Fi is the best bike in the segment.

Colors of Hero Honda Glamour Fi Engine & Performance

The Hero Hodna Glamour-Fi has better fuel efficiency and is more environment friendly. The bike runs on unleaded petrol and introduces the Programmed Fuel Injection technology and Electronic Control Unit put into the space of a carburetor. The maximum capacity of fuel tank is 12 Litres and 1.5-litres reserve. The bike delivered around 60 kilo metres per litre in city conditions and around 80 kmpl on open highways.No starting problems after long storage periods , Bike can run at lower speeds on top gear without engine knocking , Bank Angle Sensor cuts off the fuel supply and ignition if the bike tips over (falls) , 35w, multireflector type halogen bulb enhances night riding safety , Good balance and low engine noise , Comfortable seats good for both the family and the solo rider , Thicker tyre increases bike stability , Driving is smooth in all gears , Telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers at front , Swing arm hydraulic shock absorber at rear , Relaxed posture, cornering manners are excellent

Hero Honda Glamour Fi Braking & Handling

Tubular double cradle type body frame , New body colored grab rail and rear view mirrors , Trendy Visor , Large, masculine petrol tank with brilliant graphics and sculpted knee recesses , Black colored Engine with unique FI logo. , Black alloy wheels , Body colored rear grip , Body colored louvers on visor , Body colored rear view mirror , Catchy design of smoke exhaust and guard , Mindblowing red and black visual contrasts , Voluptuous front fairing , Dualtone theme on the front mudguard and chain guard , Well matched side and rear panels

Hero Honda Glamour Fi Pros

The Hero Honda Glamour-Fi is equipped with a couple of first like in-built Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM- Fi) for better fuel efficiency, eco-friendliness.

Hero Honda Glamour Fi Cons

The Hero Honda Glamour-Fi needs unleaded fuel, something that is still not available in large parts of India.

Hero Honda Glamour Fi Updates

As per test figures, the Hero Hodna Glamour-Fi takes 7.4 seconds for a 0-60 kmph dash while at 0-400m it can achieve in 22.4 seconds. The top speed is 98.7kmph. Braking 60 kmph (meters) 19.1.

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