Royal Enfield Classic 350, Bullet 350, And Meteor 350 Prices Hiked--Third Hike For 2021

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RE’s last price revision happened just last February 

Royal Enfield Classic 350, Bullet 350, And Meteor 350 Prices Hiked, Third Hike For 2021

The Royal Enfield Bullet 350 and Classic 350 received their last price hike in February 2021. And now, the company has revised the prices for the bikes once again, possibly due to the new financial year. Even the newly launched Meteor 350 hasn’t been spared. So get ready to shell out a lot more money for these bikes in 2021. We’ve listed down the new price list for FY2021 and the price difference compared to February 2021. 


New Price

Old Price


BULLET 350 (On-road)

Kick Start

Bullet Silver & Onyx Black: Rs 1,54,327

Black: Rs 1,61,385

Bullet Silver & Onyx Black: Rs 1,49,837

Black: Rs 1,56,688

Bullet Silver & Onyx Black: Rs 4,490, Black: Rs 4,697

Electric Start

Regal Red, Jet Black & Royal Blue: Rs 1,77,342

Regal Red, Jet Black & Royal Blue: Rs 1,67,178

Rs 10,164

CLASSIC 350 (Ex-showroom)

Single-channel ABS, Chestnut Red, Ash, Mercury Silver, Redditch Red, Pure Black

Rs 1,72,465

Rs 1,67,235

Rs 5,230

Dual-channel ABS, Classic Black, Pure Black & Mercury Silver

Pure Black & Mercury Silver: Rs 1,75,405, Classic Black: Rs 1,80,880

Pure Black & Mercury Silver: Rs 1,71,570, Classic Black: Rs 1,75,405

Pure Black & Mercury Silver: Rs 3,835, Classic Black: Rs 5,475

Dual-channel ABS, Gunmetal Grey

Rs 1,95,253 (Alloy)

Rs 1,82,824 (Spoke)

Rs 1,89,359 (Alloy)

Rs 1,77,294 (Spoke)

Rs 5,894 (Alloy)

Rs 5,530 (Spoke)

Dual-channel ABS, Signals edition (Airborne Blue & Stormrider Sand)

Airborne Blue - Rs 1,91,692 , Stormrider Sand - Rs 1,91,691

Rs 1,85,902

Rs 5,790 (Airborne Blue)

Rs 5,789 (Stormrider Sand)

Dual-channel ABS, Stealth Black & Chrome Black

Rs 1,98,600

Rs 1,92,608

Rs 5,992

Dual-Channel ABS, Orange Ember & Metallo Silver

Rs 1,95,253

Rs 1,89,359

Rs 5,894

METEOR 350 (Ex-showroom)


Rs 1,84,319

Rs 1,78,744

Rs 5,575


Rs 1,90,079

Rs 1,84,337

Rs 5,742


Rs 1,99,679

Rs 1,93,656

Rs 6,023

Royal Enfield’s highest selling model, the Classic 350, has witnessed a hike ranging between Rs 3,835 to Rs 5,992 depending on the colour. This pushes the starting prices of the bike to Rs 1,72,465 for the single-channel ABS and Rs 1,75,405 for the dual-channel ABS variant. 

The biggest shocker of them all, though, is the new price of the Bullet ES variant, which costs a premium of over Rs 10,000 in FY21. It’s hard to justify this price hike considering the bike offers the bare minimum, feels outdated, and hence a compromise compared to other bikes around this price tag. 

Royal Enfield had nailed the pricing of the Meteor 350 when it introduced the bike in the market back in November 2020. The bike maker now expects you to pay a premium of over Rs 9,000 over the initial asking price. That’s quite steep if you ask us. Do these prices really make sense? Let us know in the comments below. 

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