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Honda Activa 6G BS6: Pros, Cons & Should You Buy One?

Published On Mar 22, 2020 By Gaurav Sadanand for Honda Activa 6G

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Here’s what works in favour of the Activa 6G and what doesn’t

Honda’s best selling scooter, the Activa, has finally received a much-needed update for 2020. The new Activa 6G which succeeds the fifth-gen model comes with a host of mechanical updates, added features and minor design tweaks. Despite this, it isn’t entirely bulletproof and has its own set of niggles. We’ve penned down a couple of points that will help you understand the scooter much better and make an informed buying decision. 



Finally gets a telescopic front fork:

The Activa finally gets a change in its suspension setup. The front telescopic fork, although good, is a bit on the stiffer side. A workaround would be toning down the rear preload-adjustable monoshock which should make the ride quality a bit more supple. 


Packs a refined motor:

The addition of fuel injection smoothens out the throttle response and the engine now feels buttery smooth even when its pushed to its absolute limit. There's little to no vibes felt across the rev range. 


Also gets an external fuel filler:

The rear quarter panels of the Activa 6G resemble that of the Activa 125. And there's a good reason for that. Honda has tweaked the scooter’s design to accommodate an external fuel-filler cap. The external fuel filler eliminates the need to get off the scooter to refuel, which is the case with all scooters that feature an underseat fuel filler cap. The fuel filler cap on the 6G can be opened via the apron-mounted switch, making it all the more convenient. 

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Weak performance:

The acceleration feels a bit lethargic even when you whack open the throttle. The Activa 6G is meant for the city, which means it's happiest when ridden under 60-65kmph. A bit more oomph would have certainly added to the scooters plus points. 


No front disc, even as an option:

The rear drum brake works perfectly well thanks to the 10-inch steel wheel. However, some more stopping power in the form of a front disc brake would have been welcome. Unfortunately, Honda doesn’t offer a front disc even as an option. Honda has opted for a drum setup since steel wheels don’t get disc mounting points. Adding alloy wheels to the equation would increase costs.


Neither USB charging port nor boot light as an option:

Honda’s been listening to its customers and made amendments with the Activa 6G. It gets a large front wheel with a telescopic fork, an ACG starter for silence starts and an external fuel filler cap. That said, it has cut corners. For instance, basic features like a USB charging port and boot light aren’t available with the scooter, not even as optional extras.


Should you buy one?

Despite our quibbles, the Activa 6G offers a much smoother engine compared to the 5G, better claimed fuel efficiency as well as improved handling and ride quality, thereby cementing its position as a worthy successor to the Activa 5G. 

In addition to this, Honda offers a three-year standard warranty with the option to extend it up to three more years. If you're looking for a reliable city scooter, the Activa 6G is a no-brainer. 

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