2019 TVS Apache RR310 Track Review: Picture Gallery

Modified On May 29, 2019 By Gaurav Sadanand for TVS Apache RR 310

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A close look at the updated Apache RR 310 and how it performs, explained via images

The TVS Apache RR 310 is without a doubt an impressive machine, however, there have been a couple of drawbacks which held the bike back from its actual potential. That said, the company has been working towards improving the bike over time with small timely updates. The most recent being, the addition of a slipper & assist clutch and a new “Phantom Black” paint scheme. While the latter is essentially just a cosmetic update, the former is a crucial mechanical change. Will it make the bike any better? To find out, we put the 2019 Apache RR 310 through its paces at MMRT racetrack in Chennai. Here’s a detailed explanation of how the bike performed and felt via detailed pictures.

The biggest change for 2019 comes in the form of a “Race Tuned” slipper clutch. It’s the second bike from TVS’ lineup to get one after the Apache RTR 200 4V Race Edition 2.0.

Out on the track, the slipper clutch really helps as one can downshift aggressively without unsettling the bike, which means corner entry is smoother than before. The bike also offers more control, so much so that you could slam down from 6th to 2nd gear from 120kmph without any wheel hops. 

Another benefit is the assist function which reduces clutch effort by 20 per cent. The clutch does feel lighter than the older bike and this also helps improve the gear shift quality.

As an added benefit, existing Apache RR 310 owners can retrofit the slipper clutch system for a nominal amount of Rs 3,950. Given its advantage, we would highly recommend it. 

Besides this, TVS engineers have been working on toning down the vibes of the bike. For starters, they’ve given the bike larger and heavier bar-end weights. As a result, the clip-on handlebars feel vibe-free even when you’re redlining the bike. However, vibes can still be felt through the tank, seat and pegs. 

The new ignition map has improved its engine response and helps the RR 310 carry low speeds without a hitch. How it performs in bumper-to-bumper traffic is yet to be seen.

A softer chain roller has been installed which helps reduce chain noise.

Additionally, the 2019 Apache RR 310 features a rubber sealing below the windscreen to dampen the alloying buzz from the fairing. It also prevents dust from settling behind the windscreen.

Notably, the aforementioned changes made to the bike to tone down vibes are offered a free upgrade for existing Apache RR 310 owners. 

The second most prominent change is the new gloss black colour scheme which replaces the earlier matte black paint job. It also gets silver and red stripes that runs from the front to the back, which is a neat touch.

The rear quarter panels now feature the “RR 310” badging instead of TVS’ “35 Years of Racing” sticker.

Apart from this, the 2019 Apache RR 310 looks identical to the older bike, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, the new colour makes the sportbike look even more menacing than before

Its 312cc, reverse-incline, single-cylinder motor hasn’t been tinkered with and still produces the same 34PS and 27.3Nm. Consequently, the engine still feels unrefined and inadequate compared to the KTM RC 390

In terms of handling dynamics, the 2019 model remains impressive with a very communicative chassis; however, the Michelin tyres lack grip on the racetrack. TVS could offer some sticky Metzeler rubber as an option, which would have worked in favour of the bike. 

Similarly, the brakes still need improvement. The feel from the lever is inconsistent and a bit more sharpness in braking would have been welcomed.

Surprisingly, these updates translate to a minor price hike of around Rs 2,600 over the older bike. Priced at Rs 2.27 lakh, the 2019 TVS Apache RR 310 has the visual appeal, engaging handling and sporty performance to make it appealing to buyers. On the flipside, though, the bike still gets a vibey motor and high spare costs. Though these updates could improve sales, whether it would be enough in the longer run is something only time will answer.

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