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Bike Buying Tips:

Buying bikes is not an easy job but bikedekho is committed to make bike deals simplified by all means. Buying a new bike doesn't have to be stressful (or wallet-draining experience.By following our step-by-step process, you'll be able to buy a bike you're happy with and get monthly payments that won't deplete you bank account.

1. Preventive maintenance of bike is very important. If f routinely undertaken, not only it prolongs the life of the vehicle but also lessens considerably the chances of an unexpected breakdown.

2. For the entire thrill that you may get out of riding, you are actually handling a machine, which if not controlled properly can be destructive both for you and others on the road.

3. At night it is more difficult to judge speeds and distances as the visibility is poor. The glare of oncoming traffic can also blind you, making you lose concentration. Riding at a controlled speed can help you stop in time to avoid an accident.

4. Each year, there are thousands of bike accidents (some of them fatal) due to wet roads and poor riding conditions in the rain. Don't become a statistic. Here are some practical tips to help you know how to recognize dangerous conditions and ride safely when the road gets wet.

5. Ride at a comfortable speed. Cruising at higher speeds produces a satisfying sense of getting somewhere fast. As acceleration leads to speed, some peculiar perceptual distortions occur. First slow down and then stop. Don't stop your bike by applying brakes abruptly unless it is absolutely necessary to do so.