• munendra asked on 5 Nov 2019

    What is the speed of Hero Electric Optima E5?

    • Bikedekho Experts
    • on 6 Nov 2019

    The claimed top speed of Hero Electric Optima E5 is 40 kmph.

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    • Manas
    • on 28 Nov 2019

    How many battery optima E5?

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    • Bikedekho Experts
    • on 6 Feb 2020

    Both are better than the other in certain ways. Pros for petrol: - Better power.bina AC k koi nh kharidega - fuel stations are easily available. - service centers are easily available. Cons for petrol: - Pollution. - Petrol is getting costly. Pros for electric: - Electric scooters are highly economical compared to their petrol counterparts. - Electric scooters are totally pollution-free. - Electric scooters with a motor capacity, not more than 250 Watts need not be registered. - Electric scooters up to 250 W need not be insured and no road tax need be paid. - For riding electric scooters up to 250 W one needs not to have a driving license and wearing a helmet is not mandatory. Cons for electric: - less service availability and charging stations. - E-bikes may not have the same life as a petrol vehicle because motors may not last as long as engines. However, motors are replaceable. It may be concluded that electric scooters are suitable for those who have to travel only 10 kilometers daily. It can be considered to be suitable for traveling in a city or town with heavy traffic where vehicles can go at a slow pace only. Level roads with no steep ascents only are suitable for electric scooters. So, electric scooters can be considered only for such limited use. They may come into the mainstream when their technology and performance improve and are up to the mark.

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  • prem asked on 13 Jan 2020

    It is lithium ion battery?

  • manas asked on 28 Nov 2019

    What is the battery spec of Optima E5?

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