High Flow Air Filters: Introduction, Advantages and Disadvantages

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High Flow Air Filter

You might have heard many motorcycles sounding different and interesting than the other ones of the same make and model. Sometimes, you see an aftermarket exhaust muffler on these motorcycles, while some of them look similar to the standard model. So, what makes them sound more throaty than the regular motorcycles. The answer is a High Flow Air Filter, which allows more air than your regular air filter. So, let’s know something about these type of filters, their advantages and disadvantages.

High Flow Air Filter

An air filter is basically a pleated multi-layered, oil impregnated mesh made from surgical cotton or other fabric. It is used to do the job of cleaning the air going to the intake system of your engine and reduce its turbulence, while restricting the foreign particles (majorly dirt) in that air. So, the internal parts of you engine are kept protected from excessive wear and failure for a longer time. Generally, a filter is selected for an engine on the basis of its displacement and maximum operating speed after calculating the effective filtering area needed.

High Flow Air Filter

Common filters have high obstruction for the foreign particles, which also restricts the flow or air. However, some of the air filter manufacturers (like K&N, S&S, TBR and Screamin’ Eagle) offer special kind of filters that feature better airflow along with superior dirt protection. These type of filters are known as High Flow Air Filters and they offer a lot of advantages as well as some minor disadvantages to your engine, so let’s talk about them.

Advantages of a High Flow Air Filter:

One of its major advantages is performance enhancement of your motorcycle. As a High Flow Air Filter allows more air to enter the engine intake system in a time period compared to your regular filters, the fuel gets more air to burn. It results in a better combustion process that leads to actually increase the maximum power as well as peak torque output of your bike.

High Flow Air Filter

The better combustion process also contributes to a slightly improved fuel efficiency and also enhances the throttle response of your motorcycle.

High Flow Air Filter

You need to change your regular air filter almost every year, because they get clogged easily. When your air filter is clogged, your engine starts suffocating and it results to decrease your vehicle’s performance. However, the Free Flow Air Filters don’t get clogged easily and you don’t need to change them every year. In fact, you can use it for multiple years and all you have to do is just clean it about every two years. Even after using it for years, a good quality High Flow Air Filter provides better airflow as well as superior filtration of the air going to the engine of your bike.

Disadvantages  of a High Flow Air Filter:

Not guaranteed to happen, but the High Flow Air Filter may cause a little bad impact on the engine as well. If a low-quality High Flow Filter is used, your bike’s engine gets more exposed to debris and contaminants. It can also increase the amount of dirt/dust in your engine oil that can increase the wear of the engine’s moving parts.

High Flow Air Filter

Another problem with the High Flow Air Filters is that water splashed from the road can be soaked by this kind of filters. And this water can be induced to your engine, especially with the cold air intake. However, there are ways to avoid this problem as you can use a hydroshield or making sure to not drive through roads with high water.

High Flow Air Filter

Generally this kind of problems occurs only with the low-quality filters as they are not made with the precision that comes with a genuine filter of a good brand. So if you want to install a High Flow Air Filter in your motorcycle, only buy a genuine one from a reputed brand like K&N, S&S, TBR and Screamin’ Eagle.

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