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  • Honda CB Unicorn

    By kamal sharma   |  Sep 02, 2015  |  41 Views

    Reviews: I purchased my unicorn 160cc in last month. I thought it will be as same as its previous model apart from some design change. But it is not meetin... read full review

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  • Honda CB Unicorn

    By vishal choudhary   |  Sep 02, 2015  |  34 Views

    Reviews: Hi Friends, my name is vishal choudhary from Delhi. Recently I bought Honda Unicorn before two months. I have been riding this bike for 2 months and... read full review

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  • Honda CB Unicorn

    By Brijesh sharma   |  Sep 02, 2015  |  36 Views

    Reviews: Hiiiii guys!!!!! I purchased Honda Unicorn Alloy edition five months back. After using this machine for five months I am putting this review. Before... read full review

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  • Wor

    By Sunil rana   |  Sep 02, 2015  |  30 Views

    Reviews: The new Honda unicorn is not so good and so far my experience with this bike is not so satisfying. The older unicorn is better than this. I did ride... read full review

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  • Average Bike

    By Monty chadda   |  Sep 02, 2015  |  35 Views

    Reviews: Hello friends!! I am Monty from Jalandhar. I bought this bike on June 2015. and I am sharing my experience of Honda CB Unicorn. This review might be... read full review

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  • Engine Is Not So Impressive

    By kunal kaswa   |  Sep 02, 2015  |  17 Views

    Reviews: Hello friends, My name is kunal kaswa from Nashik. I bought CB unicorn 160 Alloy edition on March 2015. Before purchasing I did long research on 150c... read full review

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  • Available Stock Unicorn Old Model

    By raju   |  Aug 23, 2015  |  55 Views

    Reviews: hii available stock which showroom... read full review

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  • Fayaz

    By fayaz   |  Dec 26, 2013  |  370 Views

    Reviews: Hi Dear All.I purchased bike last month 06/12/13.this bike is vry smooth but maximum bike silencer problm..when u start this bike vry big noise frm si... read full review

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  • Telme Tellme

    By shiva shankkar   |  Dec 24, 2010  |  2523 Views

    Pros : hi

    Cons : hi

    Reviews: hi how to bokking online telme... read full review

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  • Comfortable Bike With Great Mileage

    By sriramdon   |  Jun 28, 2014  |  829 Views

    Pros : Mileage, comfort

    Cons : Poor headlight beam

    Reviews: Honda cb unicorn gives 58-60 kmpl on highways at avg 50 kmph speed and 45-50 kmpl in city roads. Great comfort with less vibration even at 70 kmph spe... read full review

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