Piaggio Vespa Vx 125 in India

Piaggio Vespa Vx 125

Piaggio Vespa Vx 125

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  • Piaggio Vespa Vx 125 General Features

    • Engine Displacement(cc)
      125 cc
    • Average
      60 Kmpl
    • Stroke
      48 mm
    • Starting Type
      Kick and self Start
    • Wheel Type

      Front :-10 inch,

      Rear :-10 inch

  • Piaggio Vespa Vx 125 Standard Features

    • Fuel Capacity
      7 Ltrs
    • Maximum Power
      10.5 bhp @ 7500 rpm
    • Engine Type
      4 Stroke, 3 Valve, Single Cylinder, Air Cooled

Piaggio Vespa Vx 125 Overview

With the advancement in technology, things are changing for the better. However, one thing which remains same even after adopting the changes is your Piaggio Vespa LX 125. The Italian company, Piaggio produces both compact and commercial vehicles under seven brand names. Earlier the company was in partnership with LML, but it has a name of its own. There are ample reasons to admire this mini scooter. It is certain to attract people with its attributes. The scooter is just not meant for utility purpose, more than that it is a style statement. The company has launched the Vespa VX 125 in the Indian markets recently. Although Piaggio is considered to be selling the most expensive scooters, but this product comes with a very affordable price tag. Before this model, the company had also launched the LX 125 and the new model is even better than its variant. The two of the latest launched colours includes pink and turquoise green. The seat is beige and colour and this model also comes with a black dial. The chrome grab handle has also been revised for this model. The riding experience of the scooter has just been customized to suit best for the Indian roads. The scooter is surely making news and has attracted great demands from the people. Dealers have already started its booking. Vespa VX-125 is surely one of the best scooters in the segment. Though it is priced a bit high, the features of the scooter completely change your opinion about its price. Truly, it is worth the price it charges. A great launch from the Italian company for the middle standard Indians! Check out the amazing pictures of all new Vespa VX 125.  

Piaggio Vespa Vx 125 Designing

As far as the appearance of the scooter is concerned, the scooter looks absolutely stunning. Unlike the other boring colours, Piaggio always comes up with something new and unique. The Vespa VX 125 also comes in a lot of colours and styles. Seven popular colours are available in this model of Vespa. Also the seats are of beige and black colour. Also, this new model also comes with a black dial. The structure is built very practically, yet is very attractive. Talking about the physique of the body, the Vespa VX 125 has been given the regal look of Audrey Hepburn age. With well-rounded front edges, and chrome guarded front lamp, the scooter attracts attention in its first look. No edging has been done on the mudguard; however, it is well-rounded with a smooth coverage for rear wheel. The exuding body panel on the back that has been chiselled by the indicators has been well integrated with the structure. The shining handlebar is well covered with chrome covering to complement the rear-view mirror well. Piaggio always brings a colourful range of vehicles in the market. This is probably the only company which produces scooters in so many vibrant colours. The Vespa VX 125 is also available in many pulsating colours. You can find this model in various colours such as white, red, yellow, midnight blue and dark maroon which is also known as Rosso Chainto. Though the company stopped the production of black scooters due to its demand, yet it offers you with the brightness of rainbow colours. Think of the lively colours and you get a big smile on your face!

Colors of Piaggio Vespa Vx 125 Engine & Performance

This has also been mentioned above that the engine of this two- wheeler is very strong and powerful. Its 4 stroke 125 cc engine with 3-valve air-cooled motor is the best part about the machine. It has a monocoque steel high rigidity structure and the facility of air cooling. It also possesses advanced suction pipe for efficient transfer of fresh air. A vehicle’s mileage and fuel is the most important thing that needs to be considered while you are buying. What also makes this scooter by Vespa the most preferred choice among people is its efficient mileage and high fuel efficiency. Piaggio claims that the scooters offers a good mileage for the standard Indian people and doesn’t go too heavy on the pockets. This scooter also offers a good mileage in between 50- 60 kilometres per litre in city and a mileage of as much as 60 kilometres per litre on highway. The ride is smooth and hitches free as you can think it to be. But in no ways, the scooter can offer you a mileage of 80kmpl, as it is more of display machine.



Vespa VX 125 celebrates its capability to reach 50-60km speed in few seconds. This kind of speed is great for a scooter that is powered by an engine of 125cc; however passing 80kmp is not suitable for the vehicle. The fuel tank of the scooter has a capacity of 7 litres which is sufficient enough for a two wheeler. The 4 stroke, 3-valve air cooled engine, single cylinder generates a peak torque of 10.6Nm at 6000rpm. Thus, the scooter has better pick up and quick speed.

Piaggio Vespa Vx 125 Braking & Handling

You cannot get any better handling and control than that of the Vespa VX 125; your ride on the scooter becomes very comfortable with the 1290mm wheels. Apart from that, the automatic gears are also very easy to handle. Experience one of the safest rides on Vespa VX 125. However, the breaks are a bit tight in the initial stage.  The Piaggio Vespa VX 125 not only looks attractive but it also stands at the top in comfort. The comfy seats never put any kind of stress on your back while riding the scooter. Your body feels extremely light weight and you can enjoy a very comfortable ride. Thus specially goes well with the city riders keeping in mind the condition of Indian roads. The suspension offered by the scooters make the riders feel, that they have been blessed with a commuter that pampers them. The scooter weighs 114 kgs and is not difficult to handle at all. It also has a wheelbase of 1290 mm. The ground clearance of the scooter is 155mm that makes the ride comfier even on bumpy roads. The front of the scooter features low fuel indicator, low battery indicator, speedometer, and analogue fuel gauge sufficient storage box, along with an easy bag hanger hook. The scooter has a distinct feature of self-start which eradicates the lethargic kicking formula. The 125cc engine provides it a smooth start. It is also equipped with a shock absorber and coil spring as mentioned above. The rear suspension also comes with a dual effect shock absorber and is supported with coil spring. This gives the riders a pampering and comfy ride.  

Piaggio Vespa Vx 125 Safety Features

Though the scooter is not very gigantic in looks but yet the dimensions are set very practically; the length of the Vespa VX 125 is 1770mm whereas the height and width are 1140mm and 690mm respectively. As mentioned above, this scooter is also very light and weighs only 114 kg. The dimensions of the scooter forms to be another reason for its rising appeal amongst the masses. The wheels of the scooter are smooth which make your ride all the more better. The front part also gets arm suspension along with a coil spring and also a shock absorber. Though the wheels are quite aged and come from the time of Bajaj Chetak, yet its good quality make this vehicle, the best two -wheeler in the scooter market. The alloy wheels holding the measurement of 90/100 – 10 53J doesn’t goes well with the body of the scooter and require an advancement. However, the overall look of the scooter is decent.

Piaggio Vespa Vx 125 Pros

Easy to control

Perfect for the Indian roads

You can easily get fuel efficiency and good mileage.

The seats are practical and very comfortable and is also good for long rides

The looks are also a plus point of this vehicle. Available in different colours, it gives a lot of option to people to choose from.

Piaggio Vespa Vx 125 Cons

Heavy Price Tag

The only negative aspect in design is if any would be the brakes. which are slightly heavy. If you use the brakes of the vehicle harder, the wheels get locked up instantly.

Piaggio Vespa Vx 125 Updates

The most awaited release of Vespa is out in the market and according to the price in Mumbai, it costs about 66,000 (ex-showroom price). It is definitely not as cheap as many other two wheelers but considering its features, the scooter is a must buy. It truly falls in the segment of premium two wheelers. The future holds no releases from the Piaggio Company. Thus, great speculations have built for the recent release of VX 125. The chairman of the company, Ravi Chopra said in his recent interview that “Piaggio is a company that produces the widest range of products ranging from 50cc to 1400cc scooters, bikes and superbikes. The company has just started its journey in India, promising to bring all global brands that suit the Indian market soon.  

Piaggio Vespa VX 125 Review

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  • Piaggio Vespa-VX 125
    Bad experience with Indy Italia, Andheri West, Mumbai dealers - By steffi tellis from Mumbai 2015-07-29

    The Vespa in itself is a wonderful machine.. and i have no complaints with it as of now.. however i had the worst experience procuring the vehicle from the Dealers in Mumbai- Indy Italia, Andheri West, Mumbai I had booked a Vespa VX on 9th April 2015 and delivery was promised witin 20 days of full payment. Full amount was paid on 12th April 2015. the registered vehicle was due on 6th may 2015, however i received the vehicle on temporary registration only on 13th June 2015. This was after endless calls, emails, visits to Indy Italia, Andheri West demanding for my money back. Even the Piaggio... read more

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