Mahindra Bikes in India


Mahindra has 7 Bikes models available in India. The available models are Mahindra, Mahindra MOJO, Mahindra Gusto, Mahindra Centuro, Mahindra Pantero, Mahindra Rodeo, Mahindra Duro, Mahindra SYM Flyte, Mahindra kine, . The minimum priced model of Mahindra is Mahindra MOJO priced at Rs 175000 and the maximum priced model of Mahindra is Mahindra kine priced at Rs 36960. Click Here to find all Dealers in India Mahindra Dealers in India One of the youngest two wheeler manufacturers in India, the Mahindra Two Wheelers Limited (MTWL) is a part of the prestigious Indian automobile group, Mahindra & Mahindra Limited. After acquiring a position of honor and trust in a wide and varied range of automobile arenas including SUV, tractors, aircrafts and powerboats, M&M ventured into the realms of two-wheeler manufacturing. And so, in 2008, after the Mahindras bought the Japan-based Kinetic Motor Company Limited, the Mahindra Two Wheelers Limited came into existence. Being a spawn of the legendary Mahindra Group, MTWL also gets the same legacy of a terrific on-road performance adorned by stunning looks and complemented by a mighty strength in inheritance for its vehicles. Taking a look at the origins of the owner company, the M&M was founded in 1945 in Ludhiana by the two Mahindra brothers, K. C. Mahindra and J. C. Mahindra along with Malik Ghulam Mohammed, and hence, was then known as Mahindra & Mohammed. But when Mohammed emigrated to Pakistan after the partition, the company was renamed as the Mahindra & Mahindra, and is presently headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Currently, the Mahindras hold a partnership with Taiwan's Sanyang Industry Company (SYM) and with Italy's Engines Engineering in order to get assistance with the research and design process for the scooters manufactured by the MTWL. The production facility for MTWL is currently located at Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh while its R&D unit resides in Chinchwad, Pune. With a dealership network of more than 300 units spread across the country, MTWL puts up an impressive range of scooters in India. The smart and stylish streak of Mahindra scooters in India, today includes the sturdy Duro, the classy Flyte, the dynamic Rodeo RZ and the Kine. Blessed with M&M's 6 decades worth of on-road expertise, unshakable reliability and practicality, these Mahindra scooters have won several awards and races over the years. Most prominent ones of those include the Scooter of the Year Award given at the NDTV Profit Car India and Bike India event for Mahindra Duro, the Gulf Monsoon Scooter Rally won by Mahindra Rodeo and the Best Website Award in Automotives field presented to Mahindra Rodeo. With that classic line-up of Mahindra scooters in the market, the makers today enjoy a fandom of 2 lakh Indians, not to mention their customer-base that exceeded the count of 4 lakh in August 2012. But, it is truly unfortunate that while Mahindra scooters are gaining fame and popularity, the Mahindra bikes section never got anywhere near that fame. The very first product of Mahindra bikes failed dramatically in the market soon after its launch owing to some technical flaws and was discontinued after that. Since then, it has been around an year but no news has arrived regarding any revival for the Mahindra bikes nor does it seem likely to arrive in near future.

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