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Vespa has unveiled three premium scooters at the 2014 Auto Expo and Vespa Sport 125 is one of them. There are some alterations done to the design of the scooter as there is a rectangular headlight, rear view mirrors and side indicators. The engine used in this vehicle is a 3 valve, 125cc aluminum cylinder head and its is mated with the CVT transmission.

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Piaggio Vespa


Piaggio Vespa LX 125 is a stylish as well as powerful scooter which has numerous of exciting features. Blessed by a 125cc four stroke engine with a three valve head, Vespa LX 125 belts out 10.06 PS of top power and 9.6 Nm of top output torque. The automatic lifestyle scooter is the first Indian scoter to feature a 3 valve engine head, making it more technologically stronger, compared to other competitors in the market. In past few months the demand for scooters is increasing tremendously and Italian auto biggie is all ready to make most of this market situation. The automatic scooter will be made available in seven different shades - yellow, red, silver, blue, white and black.


Piaggio Vespa LX 125 is a full-fledged two seater life-style scooter that will be launched on 26th April 2012. The stylish automatic scooter come housed with a 125 cc, 4-stroke engine coupled with a 3-valve head. The engine of the LX 125 scooter is linked with automatic transmission system which offers excellent riding experience to user. Vespa LX 125 is also the most powerful and efficient scooter in India, with a top output power of 10.06 PS and 9.6 Nm of max torque.  Piaggio Vespa LX 125 delivers an impressive fuel economy of 60 kmpL and having a fuel tank capacity of 8 L. The disc brake at the front and drum brake at rear side provide a quality braking system.


The then youth has now have gray hair, the then bell bottoms have turned to micro minis and cigarette pants, the then radios have turned to ipods, the then fixed line huge telephones have turned into smartphones; everything has changed, we have changed, our choices have changed, our priorities have changed. But still, quite a few things are still the same. Relations survive any kind of changes happening, what was close to us then is close to us now. Since it has survived all the change in time, such things have now become dearer to us. There was, family, there is family, there was Pink Floyd music, there is Pink Floyd music, there was Audrey Hepburn, she lives still, there was VW Beetle, we still run the VW Beetle, there was Vespa, there IS Vespa! The CLASSIC!

Back in the scenario recently, Vespa has swamped the hearts yet again. The brand has come back to us recently, totally tailor made once again. The segment that Piaggio Vespa LX 125 has been launched was uptil now the most empty slot. The premium segment. This scoot has earned it name as a fashion icon this time around.
Piaggio Vespa LX 125 is affixed with 125cc, 4-stroke engine that develops 10.06 PS of top output power at 7500 RPM and churns out 10.6 Nm of max torque at 6000 RPM. The lifestyle scooter would deliver an impressive fuel economy of more than 60 kilometer per liter. And fastest of this segment!

The exteriors of the lifestyle scooter are very appealing, though has some minor similarities with Bajaj scooter. Company makes nominal changes to front fascia of the scooter, in order to offer the same retro and attractive looks, what together you can call classic. Piaggio Vespa LX 125 has a kerb weight of 114 kg and fuel tank capacity of 8 liters. The alloy wheels and tubeless tyres provide a robust and sporty look to it.


The overall dimension given to the scooter are to suit its cute and retro looks. It sure is impressive. The scooter stands 1770 mm long, 690 mm wide and 1140 mm tall. The tank capacity is 8 liters, with the dry weight being 114 kilograms. Wheel base has been measured up to 1290 mm, along with a decent ground clearance of 155 mm.


Piaggio Vespa LX 125 comes equipped with alloy wheels, 3 spoke, logo branded, which offers a stylish and sporty look to the lifestyle scooter. Both the wheels measure up to 90/100-10 53J.

The appearance of Piaggio Vespa LX 125 is what makes it an out and out winner. Try riding it once and you feel different from all the other scoots running on the road. The looks of the pretty two wheeler places it in the lifestyle segment. Up front, the first thing you notice is the rounded head lights, well, it must have been no trouble to the manufacturer with such a design, but it lends such a pretty look to the scooter. Such shapely front lights are not to be found in the present day scooter, but Vespa. The overall design very much taken from the original Indian Vespa scooter, this traditional design has been merged with new technologies. Steel frame that bears the monocoque, with the neat curves … the hottest mix of retro with the present day. The sophisticated feel of the scooter has been enhanced by the touches of chrome on the front, the chrome logo, the chrome head lights, chrome handle bar ends, chrome mud guard finish, enough chrome for that jazzy feel.

The rear is neat and clean. Quite a retro look. Neatly placed lights and the Vespa logo. On to the sides on the scooter, the most visible thing is the logo Vespa in chrome, and then the sides are totally clean. The smoothness flows all over the scooter, the step-in area too flows smoothly. There are no corners given on the step-in area. Foot board gets beautified with the black strips. The glove box has been beautifully integrated in the flow of the steel body. The clutter free instrument cluster has been given a white face, and has been embedded with a speedometer, a digital clock (whoaa!), and fuel gauge. Other than these, there are light indicators perched on the top of the instrument cluster. Down on to the side, the exhaust looks cute made of chrome. You might feel an overdose of the logo when you see  it on the tyre. However, it still would not feel odd since it has been well merged with the three spoke alloy wheels.


The riding position in this scoot is one of the best. The seat standing at a height of 770 mm from the ground, suitable enough for low height people too. The wide and log seat of this lifestyle scooter gives a cocoon of comfort to both the rider and the pillion person. There is enough storage space on the scooter, in the front and under the seat. The self start option makes it hassle free from the very beginning, however, when stuck, kick start option too can be used. Easily mountable central stand wins. With all the required information of the scooter on the the instrument cluster, an add on feature is a digital clock.

Engine And Performance

Piaggio Vespa Engine And Performance

Piaggio Vespa LX 125 is packed with a powerful 4-stroke, 125cc, three valve head engine with automatic transmission gearbox system. The only model of Vespa LX offers an extraordinary fuel efficiency of 60 kilometer per liter.


Before it was launched, the company made it clear that this is not a scooter to race around on, it is totally premium segment ride. Expecting too high of this scooter will not do justice to it. Do not look at it with those power hungry eyes and ask for high performance!   Piaggio Vespa LX 125 is a good option in scooter segment. It stays out of any competition from the regular scooters running on Indian roads. With an engine capacity of 124cc of displacement, this scooter has been gifted a single cylinder, 4 stroke, air cooled leader engine with the injection system being electronic against the uptil now reported fuel injection system. Stuffed with automatic gears that support the scooter's engine to pump up peak power of 10.06 PS at a high RPM of 7500, along with torque being 10.6 Nm at 6000 RPM. Though the scooter is not supposed to give you a high performance, but it well manages to keep the riders smiling on this front.


Just beneath the storage box under the seat is the heart of the scooter. With retro type Vespa look, the all new LX 125 has 4-stroke 125 cc automatic transmission (CVT) engine. This engine configuration of Vespa LX 125 makes it the first scooter in India to house a 3-valve engine head, positioning it advanced technologically, compared to other competitors in Indian two-wheeler segments. The engine of the scooter churns out 10.06 PS of power at 7500 RPM and 10.6 Nm of high torque at 6000 RPM. With such an engine, and an 8 liter tank, all that you have to do is get it full for once and then forget all about it, since with a mileage as strong as 60 kilometer per hour, you would not stop for anything lower than 400-450 kilometers.

Braking And Handling

Piaggio Vespa LX 125 is adorned with an excellent braking system. The lifestyle scooter is controlled by powerful 150 mm diamtered front disc brakes and a diameter of 110 mm rear drum brakes, along with self aligning front brakes In case you tumble down your scooter, God forbid, there are specially designed shear point on the end portion of the brake's handles, so as to keep the handles intact. The further ride after the fall will still be comfortable. The larger wheel base of 1290 mm and powerful suspension system provide good control and stability during its run on slippery roads.


Piaggio Vespa LX 125 has latest suspensions which offer stability, comfort and control even on the rugged areas. The front side of scooter comes equipped with a single sided trailing arm suspension with hydraulic shock absorber, antidive characteristics, while the rear side is bestowed with dual effect hydraulic shock absorbers.



Piaggio Vespa has shown guts to bring out such colors. Put all the shades together, you would find yourself viewing a rainbow on earth! Melodramatic colors like nero volcano (for black), monte bianco (for white), rosso dragon (for fiery red), giallo lime (for lemon yellow), midnight blue (for blue), rosso chianti (reddish brown).


Automatic transmission system, stylish yet powerful, good fuel economy, technologically advanced, cute looks, hot colors.


Lesser service stations as compared to other competitors in the market, high pricing.

Piaggio Vespa Review

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  • Piaggio Vespa-125
    customers cheated at vespa showroom - By kamal from chennai 2013-04-25

    Reduction in Vespa Scooter price .I would like to bring the following few lines for your kind attention and to pass on the reasonable compensation to me at the earliest. I Hve Purchased Vespa at Rs.78000/- but to my surprise and shock, the price of the scooter is now being reduced to Rs.59,000/-( From Rs.78000/- to Rs.73000/- then to Rs.69000/- and latest to Rs.59000/-. Company would have reduced the price of the vehicle may be to arrest the sluggish movement of the vehicle or to meet the peer level completion and eventually to meet the sales target. Its good that price of the brandvespa sc... read more

  • Piaggio Vespa-125
    Reduction in Sale price- premium customers cheated - By R.Venu from Chennai 2013-03-23

    Reduction in Vespa Scooter price VEHICLE NO.TN/07/BR/8284 CHASSIS NO.M449M3002677 I would like to bring the following few lines for your kind attention and to pass on the reasonable compensation to me at the earliest. 1. I booked a VESPA scooter on 26.06.12 by paying Rs.5000/- and Rs.73218/- on 30.06.12 (agg. to Rs.78218/- 2. M/s Rajalakshmi Automobiles Pvt.Ltd (Deler Code No.INS4T NR 016) delivered the vehicle on13.07.12. 3. During 1st service I have I have Rs.around Rs.2417/- towards cost of bumper etc for which no bill /receipt was given. 4. 2nd service was do... read more

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    Piaggio India showcases an ideology that celebrates being unique. ‘Do You Vespa’, the global TV campaign gears up to enter India. Vespa is an iconic brand, which has a unique history of individualism and freedom.  Vespa is not just a scooter. It’s a brand with real attitude- one that looks at the world with fresh, ...

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  • Piaggio to Launch New Affordable Scooters under Vespa brand

    05 Apr, 2013 | 1342 views

    Brand Vespa is around 5 decade old in India, and its latest re-entry has got a mixed response from the Indian market. Being a premium product, Vespa doesn't qualify for big sales numbers and Piaggio's hopes were also modest for the scooter, only 90,000 units sell annually. But unfortunately, they are not getting these figures. To make things better, Piaggio is now ...

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