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29th April, 2015: Recently, Mahindra has added a few intelligent products in the market which has helped it gain a good numbers on the sales chart. However, Mahindra Duro has not been removed from the product list even when the sales of the machine are almost nil. Though, the scooter is disliked the people of the country, the company seems to put its faith in it and continues to offer it to. The scooter is provided in the following shades: Royal Purple, Supreme Silver, Derby Red, Pearl White, Fiery Black, Cappuccino Brown and Mystique Grey.

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* Mahindra Duro Prices shown here are indicative prices only. The Mahindra Duro Ex-Showroom price range displays the lowest approximate price of Mahindra Duro bike model throughout India excludes tax, registration, insurance and cost of accessories. For exact prices of Mahindra Duro, please contact the Mahindra Duro dealer.

Mahindra Duro


Mahindra Duro is a two-wheeler model meant for all people and it comes with the most all rounded basket of features that makes it the perfect light drive vehicle on Indian roads. Duro comes with a 125cc engine, and this registers as a massive engine capacity for a scooter. The advanced mechanism of the machine ensures that beside just raw performance and speed, other softer needs of the drive are also well taken care of. The sophisticated make of the engine includes what is known as a dual curve digital ignition system, and this means to guarantee the best mileage for this vehicle. The well laid out scooter has the capacity to seat two people, with a wide stepped seat built on economical principle for the finest safety and comfort together. With 20 liters under the storage of the machine, it seals all aspects of its passengers needs, making sure that everything from hard wired performance to tender comfort is well taken care of, and that the ride quality is unmatched by anything else.


Mahindra had released this vehicle back in the latter part of the last decade, and it is a well founded assumption that the company had invested a great deal of time, money, personnel and research for the revolutionary discipline with which this machine was meant to be molded. It falls short of nothing in its exterior and interior build together. The body structure of the well streamlined scooter evokes that of other scooters from this company itself, such as the Rodeo. The front of the scooter slants back in a very faint manner, giving the sturdy grounding needed for slow and fast speed driving. The lines slowly curve upwards from the front, running seamlessly into a more raised rear portion that is both wide and lifted for the best air passage when driving. Despite being a light drive scooter, the Duro is built on well grounded aerodynamic principle, with a finely poised streamlined shape that allows it to glide through the roads with effortless grace.


As mentioned above, the body appearance of the machine evokes that of other closely woven models such as the Rodeo. The Duro is made to bear the appearance of some of the conventional scooters of the day, and yet able to cut it a very fine and unique niche in its build as well. The scooter is trimmed with an aerodynamic elegance in its modeling, with a lower front portion and a slightly raised back portion that carries a blueprint of the finest wind passage mechanism. The build of the vehicle is also imbibed with the much needed element of balance that secures its passengers throughout the ride. The side of the machine hosts trendily designed graphics that add to the overall body make. Boldly formatted body graphics are also painted at the front of the vehicle to give it an all rounded dazzle. The front lamps are sleek and trimmed for a menacing appearance. Sitting below at the front is a well designed mudguard. The streamlined grace of the machine slides all the way from the slimmer front portion to the wide, hefty rear portion. A rectangular taillamp cluster sits at the rear, bringing bright lighting, and also extending the touch of style all the way to the rear of the vehicle. Beside all of this, the machine means to bring a more intricate appeal to its ride, with a well designed, trendy display console at the front, giving optimum visuals to the driver and placing a waft of style there right before him as well.

Engine And Performance

It is safe to say that Mahindra has scaled high grounds with respect to the speed capacity it makes its vehicles conquer, and this modest looking scooter is no different at all. The engine arming it has a massive 125cc capacity, and this is a stunning figure considering the build and the purpose of this humble machine. Beside this, other bold figures that it commands include a maximum power of 10.72bhp and a peak torque of 9Nm. The casually drawn machine can roar to a top speed of 80kmph, which is a rather remarkable stating for the streets of our country.

Braking And Handling

The good engine capacity of the vehicle is guarded and refined with the aid of a great braking and handling system as well. The front and rear brakes are equipped with sophisticated 130mm drum dia, ensuring that the thrills of speed are always kept under the leash of strong and fast braking when needed. The suspension of the machine is also top notch; a front telescopic and a rear hydraulic suspension that means to bring the most well seated stability at all drive scales. In addition to all of this, it has an advanced ABS body format that also aids in sustaining balance when driving.

Safety Features

The high-end pioneering of the company is locked in only with the most important element of safety, and the Duro takes this element to a new forey altogether. It has a long, sturdy wheelbase that brings greater stability while driving, allowing the sleek machine to weave through traffic with ease and agility. A higher ground clearance reduces the damage caused by speed breakers and other regular ailments of Indian roads, ensuring that the ride is smooth, stable, and within borders of safety always. Powerful headlamps are meant to prevent mishaps before they occur. A rear brake lock lever stamps down safety with regard to the braking of the machine, keeping the machine in its safe zone always. Tall, adjustable rear view mirrors ensure that a wholesome view of the street is present amidst gnawing traffic, and a higher handlebar serves the most precise needs of its passengers when driving.


The power scooter, Mahindra Duro has various colour options such as Golden Beige, Pearl White , Fiery Black , Mystique Grey , Cappuccino Brown and Majestic Maroon . You can see these body colours on front mudguard, rear grab bars, body panels and mask. But rear view mirrors and rear fender is not in body colour. Rest of the scooter possesses black treatment.


Great performance for its segment
Excellent mileage, among the best in this class
Affordable and within a decent price range


Its comfort features could be extended
The appearance of the vehicle is not as edgy as some others in the class
It could use an upgrade with its convenience features. 

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