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Indus Yo


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Petrol prices are increasing day by day which has forced the two-wheeler makers to think about an alternative source of fuel. At present, the auto makers are investing a lot on electric vehicles and you can see a good number of electric two-wheelers and a few of four-wheelers.

Electrotherm Group's Indus arm produces electric two-wheelers under the brand Yobykes. The company has a good reputation in the segment and has sold out a significant number of these two-wheelers.

Indus YO Speed is powered by a 750 Watt electric motor and can reach to a top speed of 45 km/hr and you can cover around 70-75 kms with a load of 75 kg and 65-70 km at a 130kg of load (both at economy mode). Indus YO Speed electric motor produces a maximum power of 750W at 570rpm/1100W at 500rpm while it develops a peak torque of 45Nm at 150 rpm. It comes with dual riding modes viz. Power mode and economy mode. Indus YO Speed uses 1.6 unit of electricity when it is fully charged; it takes 6-8 hours to charge the battery fully. The e-bike has 10-inch long tyres that ensure better grip and stability on road.

The light weight Indus YO vehicles hardly make any noise and are environment friendly. The Indus YO Speed has under seat storage and light weight wheels to ensure less battery consumption. The two-wheeler comes with bright indicators and clear headlamp. The instrument panel of the Indus YO shows information regarding speed and battery uses.


The Indus YO Speed has overall length, height and width of 1785mm, 1060mm and 650mm. Indus YO Speed is sleek with aerodynamic posture. It comes with lightweight alloy wheels and its total weight helps to attain higher speed and better fuel economy.

The company does not provide exact specification about wheels and tyres but it says that the tyres are wide and come with alloy wheels. However, Indus YO Speed is claimed to have 3”x10” tyres for better grip and balance when riding.

The machine has clear headlamp that illuminates the way ahead. Indus YO Speed sports front turn indicators integrated at apron. The bike has easy to read instrument panel that display speed and battery level. Indus YO Speed also features power and economy mode.

It comes with good enough under seat luggage store where you can put your helmet and a few other articles. The seats are comfortable enough for the rider as well as the pillion. The e-bike has traditional rear grab rails with luggage carriers. Rear view mirrors and grab rail cum luggage are in black shade.

These vehicles are pollution free with zero maintenance. Moreover, the Indus YO Speed is easy to charge and park due to their compact size. 

Engine And Performance

The Indus YO Speed comes with India's first 750Watt electric motor which is able to produce a peak power of 750W at 570 rpm/1100W at 500 rpm and generates a maximum torque of 48 Nm at 150 rpm. It has the best acceleration power and torque in the segment with a top speed of 45 km/hr, however, payload plays an important role when accelerating, the less the weight, the more the acceleration.

Braking And Handling

Indus Yo Braking And Handling

As the Indus YO Speed is light in weight and come with sleek design, the handling becomes easier. Standard brakes and suspension systems are equipped to the machine that enhances the riding experience and provides safety to the rider and the pillion. However, no specific details about the suspension system, however, it has conventional suspension fitted to it that takes care of potholes of the road. The suspension serves for the better stability of the two-wheeler.


The Indus YO Speed comes in four vibrant shades including Neo black, Flame red, Slate grey, Merry Pink and Royal silver. The body colour dominates the whole body while graphical job is done with yellow and white shade at front apron and rear panels. The 250W powered variant Indus YO Smart is available in five eye-catching colours such as super silver, classic black, splash blue, sunny yellow and vibrant maroon. This variant has neat and clean body colour with bike name at rear panel in place of graphics.


Easy to handle and maintain, value for money e-bike, now it comes with more features.


Long drive is not possible, anywhere it can stop you if no charge.

Indus Yo Review

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  • Indus Yo-Speed
    Don't buy or you will regret later - By samass007 from kolkata 2015-04-16

    Do not but, I bought a yo byke on 2013, it didnt even ran 1500km, now they are saying you need to replace battery for 15000 INR, the charger is also not working cost 3000INR. The service centre is worst than local companies. They commit but never do any task on time. Worst vehicle to buy. Now without battery is a scrap nothing else. Don't make the same mistake I have made. bought it for 37000 which is total loss if you calculate. so understand 37000 + 15000(after 1500km) + new charger 3000 + and electric expense for 1500 km is about 2000. So equals to 37000+15000+3000+2000= 57,000 INR. In that... read more

  • Indus Yo-Speed
    Do not buy - By Jagmohan Maurya from Lucknow 2014-06-22

    Dont buy any yo byk product .. i m yo exl user and it is troubleful experience for me.... frequently charger go bad and you will not get in time. after nine ten month bike will go only 10 or 12 KM. every 15 day you will stand on repair agency. regarding warranty they are doing passing the time or you tell killing the time for expire the warranty ( talmatol).Do not buy yo bike because i have taken new bike in 7 Jun 2013 and from 6 Jun 2014 it is running only up to 10 Kilo meter now agency manager telling change the battery. On 06 jun 2014 battery charger not working agency do not have any spare... read more


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